Please bring back "Weekly Coin Contributions" in Guild Manage window.

While our guild is pretty laid back and has a casual attitude of "life first, game second" we DO have a minimum weekly contribution requirement in order to stay.

Now that has been removed, and the "Last Login" information is wholly inaccurate, we are having a hard time determining who has met their weekly contribution amounts. There are only daily and lifetime listings.

We cannot go by last login, because many people play on tablets and phones that allow you to "close" the app without actually logging out, just sending it to the background.

PLEASE, bring back the weekly listings.

And as someone else in another thread suggested, please also start showing totals as in how much they contributed out of the maximum. Like daily totals for coin contributions of 350/600. Or weekly totals of 2400/3000.


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  • Czert
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    Yeah, never understanded why they removed it in first place.
    Put it back.
  • Meerava
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    I would like this screen to come back as well.
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    +1 I don't see the advantage of daily instead of weekly
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  • Ykar
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    I agree! +1
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    @EA_Jesse This is an issue my guild is currently experiencing. The daily 600 contribution seems highly inaccurate in the guild manager.
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    Come on guys, please help us to manage guilds better.

    Weekly screen is needed and the daily screen needs to match up with a players contribution to the 600

    Real basic stuff that would vastly improve guild management.
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  • DarthButt
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    edited July 2016

    I understand the rush to get Pri1 features in. I understand that deeper code base can complicate issues/fixes when players (from 24 different time zones) contribute is tricky. I understand a lot of these things pressuring the Capital Games Devs. Doing an incredible job, overall.

    I also understand that not prioritizing the enjoyment and CONTROL for your user-base to affect how they interact with the game is kinda bad. Your user base is mostly pedantic, number geeks (guilty as charged, here...)
    Is it higher Pri that this lack of control is also in one of the biggest influencers in your player retention?

    1) Bringing back Weekly Totals would be okay.
    2) Adding a Lifetime Total/Lifetime weeks would be a band-aid to longer term solutions
    3) Adding a [Recent 4 TOTAL / 4 WEEKS] would be closer to a long term solution.

    Great game. Keep it up.
    Try to remember how important UX is to consumers, though...
  • iShotFirst
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    edited August 2016
    I would like to sign on to this.

    If there is no elegant way to keep daily coin contribution accurately, please just scrap it and bring back the weekly tally.

    Or, fix daily tally AND bring back weekly. Even better.

    The way it functions now breeds discontent.

    Purely concerning weekly tally: Even the most dedicated player will have real life impinge from time to time; so reasonable guilds do not expect 600 coins every single day. A weekly quota is much more attainable for many people. Help us track that and build guild cohesion.
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