Sith, tusken, nightsister events

Why there is no event or challenges for tusken, nightsister and sith ?
Are those squads bad or just forgotten ?


  • They should definitely find a way to include them in the challenges. I don't expect anybody to have a good enough Tusken team to do a challenge just like I don't expect anybody to have a good Jawa team, but a Tusken and Jawa team for one of the challenges would be something I could get behind.
  • Good question. We have challenges for Resistance, Jawas, First Order, Scoundrels, Jedi, Rebels, Ewoks, and Empire. Why no Sith challenge?
  • We need these challenges to be more often. Like at least every two weeks
  • Kyno
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    They can't release everything at once, this is still be developed. I'm sure these events will come out, but they need to have a full squad so expect it to happen at the same time the roll out the new toons to full the squad, much like the jawa
  • caine
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    A sith challenge would be excelent.
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