Please bring back Droid event for Jawa Shards.

Now that there are 2 new Jawas added and the need for a full 5 character team needed for the Mod Challenge for Crits... please consider bringing back the Droid Event or perhaps another event that helps us out with Jawa shards.

But in general it would be nice to have an event that rewards character shards once monthly.


  • Boo
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    Yes this was good! I think there should be an event daily - like Jawa events, credit heist, they should also create an even for training droids (instead of the sad excuse they have for an event now, lol), Omega events.

    Maybe they should do SIM ticket events, now that Sims are more popular (being able to sim passed completed mod battles and daily challenges - I'm starting to run out, lol) - they could then remove sims from the shipment store and put another toon there to buy shards for.
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