LF Server mates (Hann, CSI, Haster, Maltyrael, Starlet, Buy More Mods)



  • Bazjam
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    We should all just switch to droids, I hear they're good.

    p.s. Droids are the new meta.
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  • Malthael
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    Predi wrote: »
    I am in Central European timezone. I only clash with Benon in the top20, as I noticed.

    Pretty sure Benon shares my payout, which should be one hour after Chows.
  • Predi
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    He's in CET, just as me. I don't know if you are as well. He always attacks hard in my payout time. But I saw him moving up before it as well. Which is weird for me, as I only start arena fights 1 hour before payout. So, maybe he did some fight in your TZ too :/
    Other thing is, he's in a polish guild, and Poland is in the same TZ as me
  • Would love to join Line chat. My ID on Line is toughasnails
  • 私はよくアリーナの報酬時間10分前に邪魔されます。日本人なので18時前には欲しい報酬が欲しいです。皆さんのプライドはさておきもう少し譲る精神を養ってみたらどうですか?
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