Targeting issue is completely GAMEBREAKING

I know there are multiple threads now about this issue, but I feel redundancy is the least of our problems as long as this bug is in the game.

The targeting bug consists of being unable to select specific characters to attack, regardless of where or how you tap on them.

I have lost challenge battles (Specifically the STR gear challenge, unable to target the droids). Lost characters on Galactic War that could cost someone daily resources. Currently fighting for top 20+ in arena every day is extremely frustrating and nigh impossible when you cannot focus the correct targets. I wasted 100 crystals on a refresh at rush hour (The last hour before awards are given out) only to lose matches to the target bug.

This is the most glaring issue in the game thus-far and will cost players money/crystals. I for one would greatly appreciate this bug fixed ASAP.


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    I just created an account to comment and say that this bug is real, and it absolutely does make the game less fun to play.

    I was just at the point where I was considering buying some characters, but this issue of intermittently not being able to select targets in battle is a deal breaker.

    It's still a fun game, but this bug makes it so that you can't really use attack strategies. I hope you can figure this one out.
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