Crystal Alocation question.

playing on a budget and wondering what is the best way to spend crystals. (besides energy refreshers, I already do that.)
Between the Aurodium Pack, the Chromium packs, and targeting specific characters in shipments what's the best way to go?


  • Toukai
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    Unless you plan to spend $2,000 you won't 7* any pay only characters anytime soon. It's pure random.

    If you must spend, spend only on packs that contain ONE hero with ONE hero shard drops (B2, Rex when they were out).

    Otherwise, 2x energy refreshes + 1x cantina for f2p. Anything extra is whatever you feel like.
  • Darth_Jay77
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    Probably the best crystal spend is on energy refreshes on the LS / DS tables and in Cantina / Mod Challenge. As for Chromium and Arodium packs, it all depends on how much money you want to spend and how much you value the character in the pack. The thing about those characters are that you must 7-star the character and you can only do it through the packs or sometimes slowly through Shipments. If you cannot 7-star the character through pack purchases then it's not worth it. You should plan on spending $250 for one character. Sometimes it ends-up being less than that, but that's about normal I'd say. The value of those packs is up to how you perceive the character. If you're newer to the game, I would say just do crystals for now, see if you like the game, and go from there. If money isn't an issue for you, spend it on what you wish. There's nobody game-breaking in the Chromium or Aurodium right now so I wouldn't even worry about it.
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    Mostly I have been getting the 21 day crystal pack and occasionally buying the 20 dollar pack. I usually buy 2 normal refreshers a day.
    lately I have been buying 3 Aroduim packs followed by a mega pack. The mega pack has had mixed results. I'm thinking about focusing on the characters I want in shipments like Rex, Fisto, Cody, etc. I'm wondering if the characters in arodium packs show up in shipments or chromium cards eventually. I'm having decent success with those getting the unique character to 5 stars, close to 6 for a good jump start
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    Rex is the only valuable P2W toon rest all are wastes and B2 is also god if running droids
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    Rex is the only valuable P2W toon rest all are wastes and B2 is also god if running droids

    B2 is good outside of Droids, synergizes with Evade leads too. B2 is definitely one charcter I wish I had gotten. His damage is minor but he has great utility.
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