Guild leader no longer play this game! Why can't we kick him out!?

Our guild was great but we can not move on since our leader stop log in the game several weeks ago. We didn't get the guild bank coins when you dev adjusted the bank coin rule either. Officers in my guild can't kick out the inactive officer nor leader. Guys in our guild want to select a new leader but could do nothing.
Could you please do something to make things right cause we really don't want to dissolve our guild.
(Our guild had 49 players but now only 42 including some inactive officers who could not be kicked out!)


  • perhaps you could all move to a different guild, said guild belongs to leader and he runs it as he wills usually it's a dictatorship... ofc you may always chose to make your own guild and ask ppl to move to that one or discuss a mass migration or merge with another guild...
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