Guild coin contributions not accruing correctly

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Many members of our guild are using over 600 energy daily. In the guild activities section, it accurately reflects the 600 maximum. But on the guild management board, it has a number far less. How can these numbers even be different?
This has led to the loss of thousands of guild coins over the last week, at least. The other officers and I just thought people were slacking off but we have screen shots of the guild activity saying 600 while the manangmet section showing far less. What gives?


  • +1 many in guild having problems. Please fix!
  • Also having the same issue. By removing the weekly tracker it makes it impossible to tell which members are falling short of their 600. Thus making it harder for raids to be scheduled and managed.
  • +1.
    This happened to me today and I have the screen shots to prove it if needed. Not sure how to post them
  • Being someone who does more than 600 daily, I was fine with only creating 600 coins for guild, that's proper gaming configuration, but to not even get that 600 accounted for? That's ludicrous, we shouldn't have to verify this with our member through 3rd party apps, when it's a bug on your end. This is one of those times that a shadow update from you guys would be welcome :)
  • TomBom
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    We have the same Problem. This bug let us raid lesser as we could. I don't know why they changed the reset to guild reset? It make more Problems then make it easier. This bug is a great issue.
    They have to fix it
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  • Kelo91
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    +1, a varios de mi gremio les sucede lo mismo.
  • Same issue with our guild. 600/600 for day, but daily guild coins contributed are 0. Missing 5-8k in guild coins a day since last update.
  • Baska
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    Same Problem here too
  • JonVaper
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    Same issue mine is stuck again at 280 I've done 1000 light energy today this needs to be fixed asap
  • Same here and we are a smaller guild so it hurts us significantly. It has gotten to the point that we all screenshot our contributions screen to prove we are doing the 600 daily. Last week we lost close to 10K towards our total.
  • +1
    Same issue in my guild.
  • +1 / same issue in my guild :(
  • Finity
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    +1 I have 600/600 but only being given credit for 420 coins.
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  • Finity
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    @CG_Kozispoon Here are screenshots from myself and @JonVaper showing how the guild bank coins are not being added properly.

    Could you please confirm if this bug is being looked at because our guilds are losing out on guild bank coins =(
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  • This is a problem! We need a fix now. I have over 50 screen shots that this is a big problem. You want me to make a video and show you step by step what the problems?
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  • GamorreanBard
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    Same. To prove it today to sceptical guild members I did over 600 in light side activity today, which shows as such on that board, but our guild board still says I've only done 476 total...

    Why are their always so many problems? We couldn't raid yesterday due to this bug. It's really, really annoying and frustrating.
  • I just did a similar screenshot series/test and got similar discrepencies.
  • Have you guys made tickets with ea help? The more tickets we make the better chance we have at it being fixed soon.
  • Still happening...fix please
  • Kozispoon
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    Hi there!
    Definitely an annoying bug, but it has been flagged and sent to the team for review. We appreciate your patience while they give this a looksee.
    Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
  • Thanks kozi!
  • TomBom
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    After reset of guild activity didn't count our energy in the management sector

    It shows the difference at the second pictures
  • TomBom
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    And again. Show simply LordHelmchen had no at all.
    Please fix it immediately.
    It is a fxxking bug since the last update where the coin reset is set to guild time zone

    Post it every day until it is fixed
  • This was discussed in another post yesterday. Here are details. After reset, make sure you go to guild manage screen and verify you are at 0/0. We are losing tons of coins in our guild cause of this.

    Hi @CG_Kozispoon and everyone,
    My fellow officers in TeamSkunk Pi and I have been looking into the bug some people are seeing with guild bank coins and the way they are reported differently in two different screens in the game. For example you can spend way more than 600 energy in a day, and can be on 600/600 in guild activities, but only show something like 472 in the COINS(DAILY) metric on the guild management tab. We think we understand the bug, and can help you avoid being affected by it.
    TL;DR: Don't spend any energy after guild activities refresh/reset each day, until you have checked that the COINS (DAILY) number for your name in the Guild Management screen has reset to zero.
    Full explanation and examples of the bug and of how to avoid it:
    Force Bee
  • TomBom
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    THX a lot Gin.
    So we could handle this until it's fixed. I hope the bug have no longer any effect after this procedure. I will explain it to our guild.
    We Raids every 2nd day before and now we had the Problem that we missed aroun 3000 coins and more per day.


  • Rockseia_XII
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    Having the same problem. Problems like these may seem minor, but is more than enough to lose users' trust towards the devs. As if there is any left at all. Needs to be fixed immediately.
  • Pls fix. Very annoying bug
  • NGZ001
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    I'm using energy after the daily guild roster for coins registers 0 and my contributions are still not adding there.
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