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In the Star Wars universe bounty hunters are a pretty big deal, @EA_Jesse . Why not have special in-game daily events that are Bounty Missions. You enter under events and have a new category for Active Bounties. Once there you assign a team, are given a % of how successful the outcome of the mission will be based on character selection and then send them off. The mission would last longer than a standard battle and there would only be a countdown timer of when the mission would be complete. In traditional games, missions can run from 2 - 24 hours with the reward structures based on the difficulty.

These bounties would reward specific items and there would be 5 missions per day, with special missions on Sunday. This would give users a chance to acquire special gear (outside of raids), credits, mats, mods, Arena SA GW and Raid Tokens, character shards, etc. Perhaps even super training droids that upgrade a character multiple levels at no cost. It would also give seasoned players the ability to use more of their roster based on special abilities unique to certain characters. Regardless it would be something to do during the day after all the standard daily achievements have been completed.

As most players will state, working our way up to the amounts of credits we need is difficult. As are many of the other aspects of this game that stretches your average player to his/her extents. Something like this could go a long way in adding a feature that is playable by all levels of gamers.

Thank you for your attention.

P.S. - This was supposed to be in the general Feedback Events section, if one of the mods could please move this. Thanks.
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