Mod table 8G - Rey?

Anyone have any suggestions for an approach/lineup for this section of battles?


  • Bahlor
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    I did it with my GW Team.

    Phasma 7* (L)
    GS 7*
    Rey 6* (now Rey is 7* but did it at 6)
    Daka 6* (1st Ability Maxed with Omega for increased Stun Chance)
    Luminara 7*

    You could change out people as you need, the key is to keep her stunned or not hitting you. I think a Teebo and Ewok Elder would work as well, keep her from doing anything. Basically anything to keep Rey from actually hitting you is key. Royal Guard, Daka, Eeth Koth, anyone who can stun reliably.
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    Great guide; very helpful.
  • Bahlor
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    One of the reasons that I like having Phasma as lead in this situation is Daka's main attack is a stun, with GS attacking and calling for assist (QGJ or IG-86 would work as well), and Phasma's leadership ability calling for assist Daka has a much better chance of stunning Rey; so you get multiple chances per turn to do so.
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