Dooku, Aayla, Maul, Tarkin ore Bane

I dont know which are my 5 Char in pvp Arena?

I have

7 Star Kit Fisto,
7 Star Qui-gon Jinn
5 Star Luminara
4 Star Barris

so know i dont know which Char i choose, because i havent the Trainingchips for all.

Dooku 3 Star
Tarkin 7 Star (but when i choose him, he makes so less damage)
Aayla 4 Stars
darth Maul 6 Star
Bane 6 Star

I prefer Aayla, but in the future no more Premium Buyings planed, so he cant lvl up the Stars. Which would YOU Choose?
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  • I would choose Aayla. She can counter & I think she can heal she is one of the worth it characters in the game. Besides you have the best lineup I've seen so put some gear on em & get going I would kill to have ur squad. Lol.
  • Qeltar
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    I'm starting to think these constant "what should I use of all my 6 and 7 star characters" from Teekanne are more about showing off than seeking advice. Pre-launch players with teams like this don't ask for such general help.

    The answer is the same as yesterday: congrats on buying such a good team. Now you need to learn how to use by practicing with it.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • Thanx dey and Qeltar, my Problem are the same :) Yes i know i have a good Team and a Good Crew, but this makes more Problems. Its not possibil to lvl all Chars. So i must prefer some. Yesterday i asked to 3, i have choose 2, but one left now.

    Mein YouTube Channel mit Star Wars Heros Videos
    Teekanne - German
  • If you aren't buying anymore...

    I would go

    Kit Fitsu
    Jedi concilor
    Barriss (leader)

    Barriss will be the only one it takes a long time to get shards for but she still gives a nice team health boost.

    Luminari and Counsilar will be super fast to 7* providing your team with 3 heals that might help in Galactic War.

    You could also consider Sid instead of Councilor if you feel you need more damage.

    Realistically, you will need more than 5 heroes to deal with different variations of enemy teams.
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