Help, what hero should i farm for?

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So i started to play on the 29th of dec and so far my main team atm is:

Level 46

Chew 5*
Sidious 5*
Luminara 4* (almost 5)
Poe 4*
Consular 3*

Now with 2 healers and 2 tanks, the dmg feels a bit bad so i'm looking for a replacement but i dont know what to start farming for? (not lookin to spend irl money)

Been kinda unlucky with the packs so only got the fellowing.

Cad Bane 3* (will be 4, with the monthly rewards)
Lobot 3*
Jawa 3*
First order Tie fighter 1*
First order Tropper 2*

Any suggestions of what i should get, or what setup i could aim for?


  • Seems like you're farming sid from arena, lumi from gw and poe from cantina, that's good!
    If you need damage I suggest you farm luke or genosian soldier with cantina energy (cantina stage 1A-1B) That won't interfere with your other farming.
    And you should replace chewie with Luke or genosian, one tank is more than plenty. And chewie will fall off late game.
    Good luck
  • Neoh
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    Thanks for the reply :)

    Yep that is correct, seems to be the best way to farm atm from what i can read
    Atm im spending cantina energy on getting consular to 4* (stage 3A)

    Think i'll farm for Genosian afterwards, but guess i'll need to get him to atleast 4* before i replace my 5* chewie i guess?
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