Server difficulty... Can I change the server I'm on?

I've noticed that there's a lot of high rollers in my squad arena (on my server) lately.. I only rank 300-150 on average (my highest position at the time of awards being dished out was 143)

Even at this (relatively low) position on the leaderboard everyone has top notch squads, easily between 17,000 and 20,000 squad power. I've been playing the game since end November '15 is this why I'm on a very tough server? Because it's full of people that have played for a long time and maybe play more frequently than myself? Any feedback highly appreciated I always get many helpful comments on these forums so thanks in advance.


  • Servers are based on when you signed on, so as a pre launch player you are probably with others pre launch. Those servers will not have filled as fast, so you probably are with players who have been beta players and playing much longer than you. Nowadays post launch the servers seem a little more equitable. But that's the breaks.
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