New to the game.. What party should I create?

Ok, I'm not asking this blindly. I have read through the threads, and it's still hard to data mine exactly the answer to what I want.

From reading the other posts, I get that in the early game, I should be leveling everyone, in order to keep as many option open, given certain challenges locks out characters etc.

But I still feel like I'm wasting my Training Droids on some characters.
I'm sure the party compositions change depending on what your doing. ie: Campaign vs PVP vs challanges etc.

But even knowing all this, I'm still feeling I'm wasting resources on characters that will be useless later. I totally get that 1* heroes, who's Shards are easy to get, will be more powerful by getting them to 7* then a found 4* hero on it's own and shards are not easy accessible.

So the question becomes , amongst the 1* heroes. Both on Light side and Dark. (lets say for Campaign modes). Which ones should I trully invest in getting their shards and leveling them up with training droids? Because I can't do all of them. Makes no sense. And I cannot find the answer anywhere.. Who specifically of the 1* heroes.. on both Light and Dark.. should I trully invest time and resources in.. And who should I leave behind and not worry about letting them gather dust?

As I mentioned, I'm new.. so I'm only just starting to get characters.

Here's what I have so far, and how much I've leveled them:

Light Side:
My current Party:
-Jedi Consular: 2* , Lvl 22. Gear Lvl II
-Jawa : 3*, Lvl 22, Gear lvl I
-Clone Wars Chewie: 3*, Lvl 22, Gear lvl II
- Ewok Scout: 1* , lvl 17, Gear lvl I
- Resistance Trooper: 2*, Lvl 14, Gear lvl I
Other light Side chars not in my party:
-Clone Sergeant - Phase 1: Lvl 6, 1*, Gear lvl II

Dark Side:
My current Party: Only have 3 chars.
-Talia: 3*, lvl 22 , Gear Lvl II
-Snowtrooper: 1*, Lvl 22, Gear lvl I
-Royal Guard: 1*, Lvl 20, Gear Lvl 1

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Zanatar.


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    Seems like you are a purely F2P player. I would suggest the following then.

    Jedi Consular, great character, 9 fights per day to farm shards, decent heal/hp/nuke/basic attack
    Chewie, great tank, great HP/def/leader skill if nothing else
    Talia, decent attacker, with a suicidal heal, weak vampire effect on basic attack

    Aim for:
    Arena shipments: Darth Sidious (you need someone with a decent leader skill)
    Cantina Shipments: Old daka (heals/stun/resurrect) OR Bounty Hunter (great dmg/aoe/ability block/decent leader skill)
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    I've seen this advice before in other threads. Those are often the ones mentioned to concentrate on. But that is just 3 characters. That won't form a full team. And Talia is Dark Side.

    So based off that advice my team make up would be:
    Light Side: 2 chars: Jedi Consular and Clone Wars Chewie. What about the other 3 chars? Who would I aim for? Should I be leveling my other Light side Chars I've listed above in my original post?

    Dark Side; Talia . What about the other 4 members? Who should I be striving to get?

    I get it, that there will never be a one stop single party to go with. Again because it will depend on the situation. So is the advice, to level everyone, always? There has to be some , as I get them, that people say.. NO.. don't waste your resources etc?

    Like right now, for Light side Campain, I listed my party above.. and I left out Clone Seargent Phase 1. So as I get more characters.. more will be left out.. Right now it's only the one. But are the 5 I picked, the correct ones to level? Maybe I made a mistake not including Clone Seargent for example. It's this that of info that I'm after.
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    In my opinion, :)
    For ur list. Jedi consular , chewie + resistance trooper (he is very useful for the early stage and normal challenges, he won't disappoint you, u could think of to level him up and the gears, except the skills part)
    For dark side, talia.
    others( royal, snowtrooper) I don't think they are useful...U will get something else soon...
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    Either, keep Ewok scout or change it for the Clone Sergeant. Then just work through the Light Side levels and Arena and gain Ally points and the diamond things to open packs. If you're lucky in one of those packs you'll get a great character. If not, farm shards. Will take time due to the characters you have.
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