Black market

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A new feature that would allow guild members to trade mods. Could be directly or via a new currency for black market. A coin type would be used similar to the shards, higher lvl players could sell 3-4 * mods or extras for mainteams, could be done directly trade a 5* triangle for a 5 star triangle of a different main attribute, or simply Auction House type, High rarity mods could be restricted to avoid abuses.
This would add a fun feature in guild (like the mats donations) and would provide an infrastructure for future item addings. It would also help with main teams in the case in wich i want a pure speed mod while having a offense 1 of the same type while a guild mate is in the opposite situation.I think it could be a nice addition and is easily balanced by restrictions

Black market 4 votes

Yes please!
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That's **** please don't...
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I really don't care either way...
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    replace **** with silly, no idea that was a "bad word" was meant to be funny
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    I think just the ability to trade mods and also (possibly) shards with other players, similar to the guild equipment trade.

    Last thing this game needs is another section with more currency and energy for this that and whatever - just a straight up exchange/trade.
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