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After playing for about a month, I think I can safely say no other character has single-handedly improved my starting lineup more than Old Daka. I got her a couple weeks ago simply because I thought I needed a healer on my DS team.

Now, I start her in my Arena and GW team every time, and she seems to work really well with basically anyone. Here's why I like her:
  • She's actually really fast.
  • Her stun hits more often than you think. And it's an amazing ability.
  • Here revive happens more often than you think.
  • She's tough to kill.
  • She's incredibly easy to farm (cantina shipments).

I can't think of another character that offers even close to that diverse a set of positive traits. Qui Gon maybe, but he's impossible to obtain.

Bottom line is, if you're on the fence about her or looking for a character that might jazz up your lineup, some random dude on the forums strongly approves of Old Daka.


  • I have 7* max Old Daka. She's fairy easy to kill and revive proc is nice but very unreliable, but otherwise I agree with you. Worth farming.
  • Yeah I agreed Old Daka is awesome, but since she shared cantina shipment with Poe, I have to abandoned farming her at 6*(87/100 to 7*)for Poe. Poe is the new meta for PVP now from what I heard from higher ranking player. :)
  • Daka was my Cantina selection as well. I started farming her way before Poe existed so I won't stop farming her until she's a 7* next week sometime for me. Once she is done though, it will be a choice between Poe and Boba and I do have a lot more Boba shards so I may still just go with Boba for my next selection....
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  • I agree about the revive since she seems to revive a teammate every single time I face a team that has her. I really do mean almost every single time. I think I have not seen her do it once. Pretty good for a supposed 10% proc rate.

    Interesting how something that has a 10% chance happens probably 90% of the time in my experience while my Dooku Jedi stun that is supposed to be 90% happens under 50% of the time. Good programming. Same with Boba who always revives against me despite the supposed low proc rate for that. Just glad those things don't hurt me and cause me to lose.

    I plan to eventually unlock her as a healer for my dark side battles. In Arena, she hasn't posed much of a problem to my team but I do see the appeal of her.
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