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    it sounds like he got exactly what he paid for. there is no promise for anything beyond character shards. 100 packs is a pretty steep price to pay, certainly an amount of money I would not let a 10 year old decide to get
  • Shards are legitimate pulls. They are not characters themselves, but rather tokens that can be accumulated and used to UPGRADE the character if they already own them. Shards are generally easy to aquire through playing the game for free.
    Now, if you accumulate enough shards to "upgrade" a character you do not own, you will instead be able to unlock that character to own. Usually one single shard is worth 1/25 of a character unlock.
    You may want to look into disabling your son's account access. I've unlocked about fifteen characters in a week without spending any real currency.
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    Hi I recently reported an incident to Apple on an in app purchase. I am hoping the development team can look into this account associated with my EA credentials. My son plays this game Star Wars galactic defense or heroes whatever game I am posting to on his phone. He is at school so I apologize, I believe it's called heroes from the link above sorry. He has an option to purchase through an "in game store" a product called datacards with "gems" that he purchased through his iTunes account. Some terminology may be off since I am not familiar with the app game terms. He recently purchased 100 packs of these cards for characters and during his purchase discovery when he bought these "packs" white boxes would appear (with characters presumably all from Star Wars)
    During this process a character would appear and provide him with a certain quantity of tokens or jewels to activate characters.
    At first he complained about the cards cheating him and since he is 10, I figured it was him and came over to watch.
    But as I watched certain characters would appear that he had Already opened or picked up and he would only receive 2 and in several cases 4 of these gems or items to upgrade his guy, I looked online and I believe they are possibly called shards.

    Specifically this repeatable issue occurred when a 4 star character he had appeared. Sometimes on a 3 star. To be truthful he only wanted Luke or Vader but when Someone pays for a virtual product with no terms and conditions associated with the purchase on these cards, with no warning on cap issues or deterents in place, I felt I had to report the incident for misleading consumer purchases. While it's probably a glitch we call it what it is due to the dollar value to create results sinc my son and his friends are addicted to your game.

    If you could look into this then I will notify Apple to close this case, they asked me to reach out to the game developer first. Please let me know if you need more information thank you.

    Turning off the ability to perform in-app-purchases in your device's settings menu may help you in the future.

    100 Packs is more than $200 USD...And your child is 10, has an iTunes account that you aren't monitoring, and a cellphone you aren't regulating?
    Please wait a moment while I refer to the "First World Problems" section in the Terms of Service and the End User License Agreement.

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