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  • I appreciate just being credited instead of having to sell those damned things was pointless
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    You say update is out but it says my player is maxed at 60 wont allow me to level up past 60
  • Daishi wrote: »

    I think the issue isn't the time frame, but the lack of needed materials to train multiple characters. We need better ways to get training droids and ability mats and credits at high level. This way we can manage to do what you'd like to do, without making those who pull ahead get overly bored

    That's a good point. We get lots of opportunities to farm shards with that extra energy. I'd like to see a training droids farming area that has you choose between shard farming or droid farming. And yes, I know we get 1 and 2 star trading droids from missions, but those don't make an appreciable difference where this particular problem is concerned.
  • Not a bad update, just a little disappointed at the duplication of shards on cantina tables, why would you need two tables to farm Ren for example. I hope they replace the duplicates.
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    @EA_Jesse .. after so many weeks and so many bug reports.. 5 bug fixes? Am I missing something?

    Are chars like Asajj really still not fixed? :(
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  • have to level YOURSELF before your characters can gain a level, lol...don't forget.

    Also, Ixan: they gave an announcement in game just as you asked -- last week. So, your wish has and had been granted.
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    @Tak I didn't ask you now did I? Not all of us get on forums for a mobile game.

    If you don't look for information don't complain when you don't get it. In any game if you want info, you Google it and look at forums and message boards. When fallout drops a DC do they announce it when you log in? Not usually. U gotta search

    Then what is the point of in game announcements section? This game cannot be compared to a PC and console giant like fallout. They do not have the fan base to not announce stuff and let the people who do play the game know it's coming.

    I will say it again this is a mobile game and not all mobile players will get on forums to check for an update drop that they sent an announcement about in game. So you assume that since they sent that in game they would let you know in game when it will drop.

    Big games in PC/console = don't need to announce stuffs and it is the responsibility of the players to seek out info

    Mobile games = since you don't have the fan base, you need to feed me any and every info

    Hmmm... Very interesting logic
  • What about all of the xp we earned the while froze at level 60. Will we be getting that back or is it gone forever.
  • I guess the cantina battles is the most underwhelming change. The repeat characters you can already farm. Not like hard mode which is limited to 3x per day, but cantina you can keep on as long as you have energy. So there is no need to spend extra energy to farm a character that is already unlocked at a lower level for less energy. Barris and Count Dooku are welcome, the others are bleh, already can do those.
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  • Better rewards at higher level cantina
  • No night sister initiate fix? come on that has to be super simple :/

  • You guys fixed the Galactic wars retreat exploit, yet didn't include it in the notes.
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    Why didnt Nerf First Order TIE Pilot !!!


  • EA_Jesse wrote: »
    - Chewbacca will no longer taunt if he is the last standing character in a squad.

    What about the other Taunt-Characters (like Han, Poe or Imperial Stormtrooper? Are they acting like Chewie or will they still taunt as last remaining?

    According to this: What about Talia, who heals, although she is the only one who lost HP, thus making her Lifebar even lesser?
  • The only good part about this update is the dooku node in cantina
  • I have to echo earlier sentiments that this level cap increase happened far too quickly. We are all investing a tremendous amount of time (and money sometimes) in this game just to barely keep up, I too was looking forward to finally relaxing a bit and working on some other characters.

    What kind of life-span can this game have if you are going to take us up in level that quickly, at this rate we will be past 100 by the end of the summer! Do you envision taking the level cap past 100 someday? Seems like we are moving too fast for this game to have any real longevity. I was expecting this thing to last years, not feeling that way anymore at this pace though.
  • I agree, The shards are being repeated, why not have new ones like secura and fisto where there are none already. It's not like they are amazingly better than anyone else, just can't farm them period, otherwise, I love everything about this game.
  • You didn't mention anything about GW.

    Did you guys intentionally break the retreat function? It now resets the opposing squad completely, including reviving their dead characters and resets all their cooldowns.
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    I can't get the game to load on iOS. Just sits at loading cantina screen since last night. Checked for update on App Store and nothing was available. Any ideas? I've restarted the device and everything. @EA_Jesse
  • Did you really intentionally break the biggest reason players had to play the game?
  • Does the chard drop rate improve on the latter squad cantina levels?
  • A new node to farm Dooku? Woot. Also new nodes for Rey and Barriss is very cool. And one for Poe, now he won't hog all my cantina credits. I am fairly happy with the new farm nodes, though I expected either one new game mode (it has been mentioned the useless keycard battles are being replaced?) or at least a character pack or a couple new heroes.
  • Ughh, was really hoping to see character rename. Somehow I missed the part of choosing a name and got stuck with Mol Eliza along with my other thousand counterparts.
  • Why the stealth change to Galactic War? And why, yet again, are you reacting to negative and complaining comments about something that was not broken in the first place? The way you guys respond to actual issues and so called ones really discourages me as both a spender and player.
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    EA_Jesse wrote: »
    You all should be able to reply here now, sorry that you couldn't before!

    Hello @EA_Jesse, I've seen GW patch notes aren't reported in the main post; can you list them?
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    Is there some point to having two Cantina options for the same character that is just completely eluding me?
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  • When i got to level 60 i kept on putting alot of time into playing this game thinking that the xp i would of earnt whilst resting at 60 would have been added to my account. Im sure everyone else was thinking the same. Will the xp we earnt be added to our accounts?
  • Why are there repeat toons in the cantina? That makes little sense for me
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    Thanks at @EA_Jesse can't wait for the new content, let the level grinding begin :D
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  • AHAHAHAHAHA! Eat it Leia!!!

    Why are there repeat characters in Cantina missions? That makes ZERO sense and is really dissapointing
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