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  • I have some problem after update, tech support is very hard to get. First, my darth sidious leader skill lost the 10% damage description, it seems lost damage in fight. And second problem is that my Jedi consular' second skill, the healing, cooling time changed from 2 to 3 rounds, this means I need to wait longer time to heal. Please help me to fix this. Thanks.

    P.S there are other problems with characters skills, I will find out more and report.

  • I'm power level 15k+, explain to me how a power level 14,349 play is killing me with 1hits. Literally one of his characters 1hit my Chewy for like 7k. How is thisat all fair? The damagehe was doing in no way reflects his power lvl. Why are you people allowing cheats and hacks to run free in the game???
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    When u raise the difficult of the galactic war battles the Players skill cool down should be Reset After each war or the Chars should be fully healed so it is senseless to face an lvl 60 enemy with skills that have 4 rounds cooldown and Chars they have only 60 -70 % hp

    This would help a lot. I got through a tough node and lost luminara and a Purple greedo and my barriss, chewy and Ashoka all have cool downs holding them back. Now I'm supposed to face the following: (my guys are all rated 53)

    All 60 rated

    Purple Luke
    Plasma (leader)

    node 11.

    I get the change, but I think cool downs should refresh for each step in the war...
  • I signed up to the forum today after playing since November to say this: There are no words suitable for publication to describe what you did to this game by crippling GW this way. And what do you gain from the change? Do you developers even play the game from time to time? Do you have any Idea of what the impact is?

    Please undo it, or follow one of the constructive comments on alternative solutions.

  • Auto-Play

    Small request. Can we fix the auto-play feature to not dump all the special moves on the first turn? I don't know what factors come in to programming, and I understand a computer doesn't think like a person, but there must be some way to regulate it (it's done with the heals).

    I play in auto quite a bit while I'm eating and what-not, and always groan a little when it's 1/3 first turn and my whole teams drops their abilities.
  • "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.... You will never find a more wretched hive of whiners and complainers."

    I like the GW changes. It gives me a chance to restart if I lose a player I could not afford to lose. Also gives me the chance to try a different, more effective combo.
  • "We decided that in order to keep the experience fair and consistent, we would change the behavior of Retreat to work the same as force-quitting."

    You have ruined your game with this decision to fix something that wasn't really broken. I just played through it for the first time and it was so easy it was a joke. My squad can beat any squad out there, but gw was a war of attrition. Sometimes i would loose a guy and i would have to go the bench. It made me think. It made me use weaker characters. I had to figure out how to stretch my forces. Now all of that stratigic element is gone. I just press retreat and do the battle over with my five best characters. What incentive do I have to invest in leveling up weaker characters? Before i needed to in order to strengthen my bench. Now, who cares that my snowtrooper is lvl 45...i ll never have to use him.

  • Dayma wrote: »
    Stupid reaction... I ve finished it with 12 lv 59 cards (gear 6) and few lv 40 (and none of them are 7 * ...). It's WAY more strategic this way since you cant always "Swap" and "save" your cards.

    Oh yeah, my great hero. I finished GW 7 or 8 times when I was at low Level WITHOUT even knowing about the retreat function.
    Go and repeat it at max level...
  • Maybe its just me but I feel like you guys at E.A. keep changing the characters and it doesn't make sense first barriss and now Chewbacca

    Why is everyone complaining about the Barris nerf? She's still the best healer in the game. With massive healing, ignoring the heal debuff and much health. Still a little bit op in my opinion, but it's "ok" now.
  • I was never able to complete GW until I hit level 60, then when I discovered you could force-quit to reset the battles, I have won 16 in a row. The key, as mentioned earlier, is not only having some backups at level 60, but also rotating around your characters to get different RNGs. Ie if you move your 2nd character to your 3rd character spot and vice versa, the battle will be different,
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    GW has always been broken unless you ''retreated' your way up. Try completing it while being top 50. This is ridiculous.I have 2 teams lvl 60 and 7' equipements. + 2 extras characters. Mostly 6 to 4 stars.
    I completed it a couple of times using the retreat strategy. But when your third combat is a team of lvl 60 max out. Tell me how can I be able to complete it? This didn't change with the update sadly.
    I spent 20$ total on the game, was worth it, never complained about the GW rules.. its not the entire game, just one way to collect shards. I think it was a way for people not in top ranking to max out a character without having enough to spend in the Arena shipments. For my part, I can have at least 800 with each GW so I'm okay with that... Wish I could finish it more often but I guess I will have to max out a third team while upgrading my two other teams.
    the ranking in which you are changes the players you are battling against in GW, so just drop your ranking if you wanna finish it. My friends is doing it and its working. I just don't want to lose mine so I'm okay with my 800 every day. If you paid 100$ and more on that game and still not getting anywhere please stop, you just don't know how to play the game right.. I would probably be #1 if I spent 100$ haha.
    Ps: Sorry for my poor grammar, I'm french..
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    swaggers wrote: »
    I spend about $10 to $20 a week. Wasted $40ish the first weeks on just utter garbage packs. Now only on refreshes.

    My core team is not bad.

    Darth: 7*, VIII gear

    I hope you mean Darth Sidious and not Darth Vader...
  • I had to laugh today when playing Galactic War and realized retreating has been nerfed and is the same as force-quitting the game. To all the people who said force-quitting is cheating... mwhahaha. Now that you can't retreat, you just need more high leveled heroes to get through the toughest battles. That only takes a few million credits and days of leveling, but wait.. the level cap has been raised. LOL. Timing is everything.

    Does EA only have 1 programmer or only allow 1 update a month or something? You can't tell me that some of these AI fixes would take literally a couple hours to fix. Barriss or Talia healing themselves when they are the only hero left. Healing when the hero that is damaged is affected by healing block. These should have been fix a week after launch.

    Speaking of bugs, has the weird auto targeting bug been fixed?
  • @Robobob yea EA are milking this **** app as much as they can. They've probably got like 2 lazy outsourced coders on it and they only do community based testing. This is why corporations are the absolute evil of our generation. Everything they put their hands on gets corrupted and turned into a way of making money without any regard to the customers or if they are destroying the franchise or not. Take a look at Simcity, Battlefield, Bioware. It's all turning to ****.
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    Here are my thoughts post patch and first run through on GW. The change SUCKS and here is why. Strategy has been taken out of the equation despite what a few (and I reference FEW) other posters have stated. I will list the changes that should come about to make this even better than it was before or at least more realistic. Furthermore, this nothing to do with making it easier to get the rewards in fact my ideas would make it more difficult IMHO.

    1. Bring back the Retreat function as it was.
    2. Eliminate the Force Close exploit so dead comrades stay dead.
    3. Allow the toons NOT to fire or skip their offense position so they could tactically heal up and reset their turn meters for the next fight.
    4. Make at least 1 toon have to fire on the AI team in order to pin them down and keep them from Retreating. That's right they could Retreat if and come back with a whole new squad if one of the 5 players don't attack at least once per round.
    5. Make it a time limit too like the Arena.

    This would bring back a Guerrilla War aspect to the game where you could send in skirmish teams to test the strength of the opponent and goad the AI team into blowing their heavy stuff early. You could then retreat back into the mist and lick your wounds instead of leaving them in there to go toe to toe with the Red Coats (madness). Every other member of your bench doesn't need to be a Kamikaze Pawn.

    Guerrilla War as we all know is about a weaker force using stealth, tactics and strategy instead of brute force to achieve victory. All you do right now is RESTART not Retreat. Fix the problem (Force Close exploit) not break something else.

    Additionally I ran a couple of sims and low and behold the randomness left the battlefield. I did this 10 times in a row with the same results. My Sid hit AI Sid and he takes the exact same amount of damage EVERY time and he resists heal immunity, then Lumi Force blasts and he dodges EVERY SINGLE TIME. It wasn't until I had Lumi hit him with a STD attack where he didn't dodge. And Phasma was lead not Luke.

    Ran another sim with had Talia and a B team out there. She was on point. Ran this about 10 times as well and AI Dooku Stunned her EVERY TIME. I am going to try this out a bit more but something seems Henke.
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    @SteelersCA oh don't bother. The outcomes are predetermined. There's no real RNG in this game. The only way you'll get different outcomes is if you switch the toons around in your squad or if you modify the lineup and / or the skills that you use when the battle starts. This actually makes the new GW hard battles a pointless grind in which you just note the enemy dodges, crits, etc. on a piece of paper and repeat the battle with very slight alternations to what you've previously done.
    HELL OF A LOT OF STRATEGY !!! if you ask me ...

    They are so lazy that they don't even try to implement a relatively simple RNG engine.
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    I'm power level 15k+, explain to me how a power level 14,349 play is killing me with 1hits. Literally one of his characters 1hit my Chewy for like 7k. How is thisat all fair? The damagehe was doing in no way reflects his power lvl. Why are you people allowing cheats and hacks to run free in the game???

    Power level is team not individuals it's an average power , mean you can have full maxed out Luminara and lower power characters and get 15k power ...I'm level 60 with 13 gear vii and 2 7* but still Luminara hit me with 7k dmg once... It's not because you have 15,001 power that you will beat everything under 15k..sometime you can beat higher power with less synergy or easy to beat characters
  • I find app games to be lacking in the sense of challenge also in the sense of keeping the players hooked on what's coming in the next update or the next level they have to smash through, etc. But the point that I am making here is that is game, this "Galaxy of Heroes" totally has me checking my phone every other hour to see how much energy I've stored up since last visit. Whether it's a whole team or just one man the developers behind this game are genuis's. Keep up the good work! waiting for more characters also (;
  • Ughh, was really hoping to see character rename. Somehow I missed the part of choosing a name and got stuck with Mol Eliza along with my other thousand counterparts.
    I'm in the same boat. I sent a request to change it and got lame response. My husband's first two choices were rejected because they were already used but 3000 of us have the same name!?!
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    For all of those complaining about the galactic war calm down take a deep breath read some of what other players have posted about changing the order of your squad and making minor adjustments in how you're attacking yes it may take you more time but if you're careful and you strategize the right way and switch up characters you will be able to succeed now about people who pay to win I have > $500 invested and one thing I can tell you is the returns are diminishing once you hit a certain point the money means nothing!!!
    Yes I can add stars faster but if you read other strategy guides you'll learn that gear is much better than stars. My last $200 was a waste of money. People who spend$20 a month are smart investors. Over time you'll catch up. Be patient and New strategy guides will emerge.

    I was mad too, but after reading this forum and trying my own ideas I'm good.
    It's easier to say I only have 11 characters NOT unlocked.
    I bought every pack offered and $200-300 in crystals. Level 58 with three 6star gear7 toons.
    Rest are 4star gear4/5 . and few over level50 so don't think more money will make your game wayyyyy better.
    I'll buy more pack but done buying gems diminishing returns are brutal.

    Edit note:
    18 of my characters are level 1 many of them more awesome than the ones I have in the fifties but I simply do not have the resources to level them all like you would think $500 would enable you to do, the investment to do that with crystals alone would be staggering due to diminishing returns. I had similar thoughts on a retreat counter, bottom line you guys have to realize developers do care about the end results and game viability after a change, after all they do want money and good reputation.
    The last SW game I played ended in disaster, I hope we're not on that path.
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  • Any idea when the war tokens bug will be fixed? I'm currently being shortchanged, on every mission that gives war tokens, to the tune of about 2000 war tokens per campaign. Yes, I'm shortchanged by around 2000 tokens. 3000+ awarded and only around 1000-1200 show up in my inventory.

    I know this bug was identified before this update so I'm wondering IF you're going to fix it. So, are you? And if so, when?
  • Ughh, was really hoping to see character rename. Somehow I missed the part of choosing a name and got stuck with Mol Eliza along with my other thousand counterparts.
    I'm in the same boat.

    Same here...Mol Eliza...the 3 millionth. Haha. Hoping they will make a name edit function in the cog settings menu at some point. Sometimes just seeing your own identity is enough to keep you pushing along.
  • My Events and Challenges don't work in Bounty hunter I don't have credit droids. The second problem is in arena shipments i bought ten shards Darth Sidious and i don't have. I hope quickly repair everything and give back my lost credit droids and shards Darth Sidios, thank you.
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    @Tak I didn't ask you now did I? Not all of us get on forums for a mobile game.

    If you don't look for information don't complain when you don't get it. In any game if you want info, you Google it and look at forums and message boards. When fallout drops a DC do they announce it when you log in? Not usually. U gotta search

    Then what is the point of in game announcements section? This game cannot be compared to a PC and console giant like fallout. They do not have the fan base to not announce stuff and let the people who do play the game know it's coming.

    I will say it again this is a mobile game and not all mobile players will get on forums to check for an update drop that they sent an announcement about in game. So you assume that since they sent that in game they would let you know in game when it will drop.

    Bro take a deep breath, this is a new game lol everything is being figired out.
    Your original cry (i mean complaint) was hat they didnt say anything ingame, only here.

    Thats incorrect, you just were not paying attention. I had to close a splash screen 5x per day for a week saying it was gonna happen lol. If u didnt read/ask thats on you not the devs. They communicated.
  • GW is ruined. You either need to match people against similarly ranked players or let you retreat again. First time I ran into a 60 lvl player, I lost 9 level 60 characters. So predictably, I couldn't advance past the next match. It totally sucks since that was one of the few ways you could advance your level and characters without spending more money than any mobile game is worth.

    Ok if you want to make GW impossible, but it would be nice to have an alternative way to play the game and level up characters if you're basically shutting down GW for any players not spending $$$$$. Belly aching aside, I've really enjoyed the game and the responsiveness of the EA team. Keep up the good work!
  • Is this update out?

    App Store doesn't show it and my game is still no changes. Also I'm not earning credit droids at all today!!!
  • Any idea when the war tokens bug will be fixed? I'm currently being shortchanged, on every mission that gives war tokens, to the tune of about 2000 war tokens per campaign. Yes, I'm shortchanged by around 2000 tokens. 3000+ awarded and only around 1000-1200 show up in my inventory.

    I know this bug was identified before this update so I'm wondering IF you're going to fix it. So, are you? And if so, when?

    AFAIA the maximum is 1200 tokens per G we run so the numbers you're getting seems right. The numbers you're seeing seems way off though...
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    I don't think GW became harder with the change (unless you were using both force close and retreat) but it does take longer and I have to retry several battles loads of times. Regarding the RNG is not less "real" because it uses predetermined seeds, if it didn't it world be even less strategical.

    My preferred option would be the old retreat and a new reset button. Problem solved. If that makes it too easy then raise the difficulty a little bit.
  • Thanks for ruining GW which was the only fun part of this game for me.
  • How do you update the game?
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