Can we extend the PVP timer a little longer please?

At 40-50s tank teams dominate the leaderboards. They take too long to kill, simple as that. I've got some hard hitting teams and I still cannot kill the three healer two tank teams before the timer goes. Its really not enjoyable. 5 Minutes isn't enough. If we can't change the timer, then fix the targetting? Why is it even when I'm not in auto, and time is everything, the stupid game retargets for me when I'm whittling down one of their heroes? Its like the game is playing against me. Every move you have to take a couple more seconds to make sure the dumb game hasn't retargetted on the full health whoever. I just don't get it. The game is fun, but these issues are ruining the PVP experience for me at least. I'm not sure how many of you others are experiencing similar issues but please pipe in.
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