Droid Caller in Shipments Soon?

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Are we due to the rotation from Furnaces to Droid callers soon?


  • Thursday I believe.
  • Gwonk
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    Any other thoughts? Agree? Disagree?
    Normally its listed in the weekly update, but it (and anything else of any value) was missing from Friday's update.
  • djvita
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    Man do I need droid callers.
    If the rate is as good as furnaces (i've had 8 show up this round) my teams will be so much better.

  • Gwonk
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    Agreed! All Jawa's need Callers it seems. That is what i'm working on currently.
  • Hasn't it already been in the store?
    I'm not sure theyll be coming back after they each get their 2 week stretch. It was meant to be a fix to precrafting and those issues are now long gone. They may never come back.
  • Gwonk
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    edited August 2016
    It started with Furnaces and they should be ending soon with their second time around. Developers said it would be an ongoing rotation. Just wasn't sure if it was this week or if so when in the week.
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