Revamp the yoda event

It was great completing the Yoda event and adding him to the roster. It's just annoying to have the "event active" icon display on the screen. Perhaps after you complete the event you can create an additional level that can be completed twice like the scoundrel event to earn 250k credits or omega mats. You could even throw in random shards for jedi's. Anything for players that have already completed the event. Any thoughts on this?


  • I think being able to re-fight each level of the Yoda event would be good. Obviously with different rewards. Perhaps the lower levels get a single, random Jedi shard plus some other stuff. Higher level battles get more shards and such.
  • Somthing to do for those that have yoda during yoda event please, low lvl mods credits, training droids credits... credits....anything really, i keep seeing the event icon and accesing it only to find only the training droid event...
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