What if we could make 1 custom "avatar" character

I know the game is very new and some really great iconic characters have come out.

I don't think us, as players, need a lot more power except we aren't sure how hard Galactic Wars is yet with the change, time will tell.

I'm sure this has been brought up before but, what if you could create your own character and give them abilities from a certain pool given. As well tags, classes, or races.

For example, you'd start out and pick Light or Dark, then pick your species


Then you'd your tag/specialty/whatever you want to call it

-First Order

Then you would pick your class


Lastly, you'd pick from a pool of abilities that are standardized across the board.

Perhaps have certain ones unlock from different missions, or be purchasable through gems, cantina gems, GW gems, Arena points etc.

To expand, maybe have "mentors".

These would be NPCs like, Darth Vader, whom you can learn Force Crush from at a cost and if you pass a certain kind of trial.

This would make the game diverse, and have our own personal lovable squishy or not so squishy person that we can use to benefit our own success and build upon synergies!

There could be a cost to "reroll" your character's class race role etc. with Crystals or something.

That way while building your almost "perfect" team, your avatar person can be the last piece, or the first, to build your team around or with.



  • Yeah I really like it. Like a generic character who won't be overpowered but might help synergies with a specific team you're building. I doubt it will happen until all the characters are out or the game gets old though. I think it would be a huge market since people would get to customize their own character.
  • Rolf
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    Sounds great! Lot of work for the Devs to implement it though. And if the balance isn't perfect, then everyone will build the same thing and it'll be dull.
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