Simple Change to GW Suggestion

I think a simple change to GW that would make it more interesting strategy wise and help in completing it every day (without FQ over and over) would be to allow users to bring an Ally hero to each fight. You get to pick one of your Allies' heroes and then you can't use them again. Allows for some strategy in selection and GW in general, the fights are helped more in your favor, and frankly it would be a lot more fun. It allows for Allies to have more meaning as well.

This would help make the loss of retreat function more palpable I think. My 2 cents on retreat was that it did take away from the spirit of GW (I never let a Maul or Lando even get an attack, just retreat after dooku and 4 of my characters went and back in). It was very helpful though in clearing an otherwise extremely difficult set of fights (this is due to the high damage output v. health/heals available).

If we get an Ally for the easy holo tables that are only 3 fights, why not one for 12 fights?
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