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    Black Squadron is looking for members who want to join an active community!

    We run constant Heroic Rancor (fair 0 DPS for lower members) and Slam against the current AAT Raid.

    Our active Line Chat is a great resource for info about the Game, Fandom & Giant Cats attacking Vader !?!

    We have a great group of fans that are also experienced players who openly share tactics and information to make you better.

    If you love playing the game and are active, message Mander for info about joining us.
    Who will YOU Become
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  • Actively seeking new members to join our ranks. Primary goal are members to fulfill their activity goal 600 daily to allow for more raiding. Strong 6* 7* star rosters are a plus for pushing new Tank takedown raid content. Line is a must. Contact manderthegreat on Line or if she is unavailable myself djpsycho68 for more details. MTFBWY
  • We have a couple of openings for active members. Great group of people. Join today!
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    We have a few openings for active players. We have completed two normal AAT raids. Very chatty and organized guild. We want dedicated team players. Come join us today.
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  • Still have a few spots open!
  • Greetings. It would be an honor if you let me join your Guild. I'm level 75
  • Greetings. It would be an honor if you let me join your Guild. I'm level 75

    Message me on Line app with your ally code and I'll check it out. My line id is manderthegreat

  • Here is the basic message I send out to those interested... and we have about 45 active members...some more than others but for the most part it stays pretty active. Guild reset it 6:30 PST/9:30 est.

    We have had a strong group of 50 for several months. A few people just lost interest and decided to quit playing. So we had a few spots open up. We like to keep a core group and not have people who are just in it for a short time.
    We have been doing Heroic rancor raids for several months and can finish it in about an hour. Due to this, we have a plan we stick to every raid. First...we rotate raid times to accommodate the different time zones. We raid at 12pm PST, 8pm and 3am. First, we do 24 hours of 0 damage so that everyone can at least get on the board. Then, when raid opens up for damage...there is a rotation of P1 soloist. Once they are done, everyone can then do their damage...but we limit this to one attack. The reason is that we have several people who could almost solo the whole raid if they used all their squads so we just limit it to one. It is still very competitive and we haven't had complaints.

    With the new raid, it's a little different. We just tried the AAT raid and it is much more difficult than the rancor. So we do not have the limit set like the other. That may change over time as we get used to it and build our toons...but for now, everyone takes their 5 turns a day. We tried Heroic and just weren't ready, as most guilds aren't. EA/CG posted an update and I think that they are looking into adjusting the difficulty.

    Also, we are all about teamwork and communication. We are not strict with making everyone do their 600 every single day, but we do ask that you do the best you can and make a reasonable effort. We do use a group chat on (line) to keep up with raid info...and just for goofing off and getting to know each one too.
    I guess that's pretty much it. If still interested let me know and we will get the process started.

    Line id manderthegreat
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    Didn't have a guildie on my Shard till today.. so happy Hoth Joined us!

    Black Squadron fun in Arena

  • We have one open spot. Message me on Line for details. Username manderthegreat
  • Three open spots. Join now to fulfill your destiny!! Message me on Line, manderthegreat
  • Ally code 767-591-114. 37 7 stars mostly low gears level 8 1 level 11 4 level 10
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