Bronze pack fails. brutal beats...

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This was a brutal waste and hurts me :smiley: . watch the video, it's 4:30 long, but watch how many bronze packs I open to only get 1 single shard. BRUTAL. 52 Packs gets me 1 Shard and 0 full toon unlockes. With this kind of luck, no way am I every buying chrome packs.


  • You aren't expected to draw toon's for those packs if it happens it's a super rare occurrences , even one character shard is highly unlikely of course everyone's luck is different.
  • Packs are very strange, I have purchased 2- 4x chrome 3 single and one 8. These are the characters I got chrome
    Cad bane lv 3
    Ewok elder lv 3
    Ashoka lv 3
    Hoth rebel lv 4

    My drops from bronze
    Mace windu 4
    Aayla 3
    Storm trooper 3
    Greedo 3
    Misc shards, maybe 10

    That made the decision to not invest in chromes. Just not worth the price compared to the junk you can get.

    Now if I had no life or lots of unneeded cash then I guess I could spend a grand on toons or maybe feed some homeless

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