Much needed refresh

Could we get a refresh on where and what heros we can get from shipments? I'm at a complete loss of what to spend my arena supplies on. I maxed out Asajj, who is not worth it, but that group is severely lacking good light side heros. Eath Koth and Stormtrooper Han? Really? I refuse to farm Palpatine, he's over powered and uncharacteristic and I would like to use skill in this game.

Also, the Sqaud Cantina shipments are kind of ridiculous at 400. I feel they should be 300, an amount more attainable but still takes effort.

Galactic war is great the way that one is, but I would still love to see a complete refresh across all of them. Not many heros I can attain that I would like to have. I'm a person that plays for the heros he likes, not to win all the time.
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