A Farewell: Why i leave this beloved game



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    At the end of the day this is a mobile game, I doubt 99% of these people will be here next year.

    Clash of Clans is also a mobile game but people have been playing for 2-3 years... It strongly depends on the developers how they see the future of the game and what they want to do with it: to grab money and let it die or to think about the game as a long lasting project. The best example is Clash of Clans.

    The main difference between **** and SWGoH is that there is no timer other than the battle clock. It is truly a casual game. You can jump in when you have two minutes just to gather your resources, donate troops to your friends and then pop out. When you have time, you can do a battle and then you have to wait 10-15 minutes just for your troops to rebuild.

    GoH has so much more to do in game and can take a lot of time as the OP said. Especially if you are interested in staying at a certain level in Arena at 6:00 in your time zone. Most people get off work around 5 and then drive home and only have a few minutes to battle before the time is up. Some people actually have anxiety over that.

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    Best "I quit playing" post I've seen B)

    Was going to say just that
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    I'll probably quit in around april or may, and it has nothing to do with balance etc, the game just gets boring. The first time I got rank 1 there was a rush and excitement, 20-30 times later I could care less, and all I can go from here is down. That's why I could never understand pay to win players. You spend a thousand+ dollars to gain an advantage, you get #1, and then what?

    Some of them just enjoy using different combinations I think.
  • What an incredible post totally get why yur leaving felt same with walking dead road to survival quit that game left it behind to come here but now this game influnces my life way to much.
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  • I understand what you are saying. A few years ago it happen to me with fifa ultimate team, that was insane. In this case in swgoh i only get a timer at 17.00 pm to do my five arena battles... it is not difficult for me because im in home relaxing a bit at that time. For the rest i dont mind if i waste some energy, i play usually when im in the bathroom you know...haha and sim tickets are great.
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    I've found (what I believe) to be a super efficient way to play but also keep it in balance. It's pretty simple:

    I play for 30 mins on my way to work (around 8am), and 45 mins on my way home from work (around 6pm). In the am, I do all my daily activities and sim like crazy for shards and gear. In the pm, I do my GW and Arena (the timing works out perfectly, luckily).

    But they key is I don't beat myself up if I don't do everything. I almost never do all of the 5x gear challenges per day. (Sundays, forget it!) I don't even remember to pull 5x bronzium packs per day. I don't do GW every day. I almost never do 5 squad arena battles per day, usually just 3 at the right time and I can stay in the top 100 (which is fine for me).

    It's not perfect, but it's enough to allow me to have fun. Hope you can come back and work out something like this.

  • Thanks everyone for your kind reactions.

    Actually i feel really good today, leaving home without thinking when the next time i have access to the internet. i logged in a last time, i sim'd my full energy & cantina refreshes, but thinking about still needing to do Galaxy Wars and some Challenges felt like a burden, like OMG that's at least 1,5 more hour. With the new Retreat/Try&Error to go, it doesn't felt better, so i finally uninstalled the game.

    Feels good. I have no regrets. Had a good time. Like a good relationship that didn't worked out. ;)

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    I understand precisely what you are saying and don't blame you for leaving. To be honest I was expecting the usual whining as reason for leaving, but I can relate to this. I think as long as the game's competitive element is stacked against people with limited time, and designed to exploit 'collector' syndrome, this will be an issue. Hell, I would love to move from my usual 150-200 arena rank, but I actually have a job between 5 and 6 pm, so I helplessly watch as any movement I made earlier is undone later. It's very annoying, and a bit deflating.

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  • LOL, passionate goodbye from a game he played 5 weeks...
  • Great post, very great reasons. Reminds me when I quit playing WoW years ago haha. :) Congrats on getting off the hook mate.
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