"SWGoH.QQ - Inverted Ability Search -"

"SWGoH.QQ - Inverted Ability Search -"

I can't explain in English,sorry.
Look at the image, please operation.
It is very simple.
Filter narrowing is easily possible due to select a plurality of ability.

I hope that this functionality is implemented in a great and cool site "SWGoH.GG".

2016/07/20 add CC-2224 "Cody" , Chief Nebit , Jawa Scavenger

2016/08/21 add Emperor Palpatine , update Wedge Antilles

I've misspelled the URL. Fixed.
Please look on the PC. Smartphone can not narrow down the search.



  • ★2016/09/12 Renewal !!

    I recreated the site from the beginning.

    +add Emperor Palpatine
    +add Scarif Rebel Pathfinder
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