Mod removal cost discourages experimentation

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I love trying out different lineups and tweaking mods based on the results, the trouble is we're limited in how much we can do that due to mod removal costs.

The beauty of mods is that it allows us to make our teams truly unique. Things like tweaking turn order or improving on a deficiency such as low Potency which allows otherwise mediocre characters to be somewhat viable. They'll never boost an under-powered character to the point of becoming top meta, but they were never intended to do that. As such, adding an unnecessary cost on mod allocation should not be discouraged (especially when we already have a credit crunch).


  • In this vein, it would be great if there were a selection from the larger character menu to "Remove All" from the selected characters. Taking mods off individually from a bunch of characters to re-optimize is a nuisance.
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