Shard/Character rewarding event, thoughts?

I think this would be a great idea for the F2P players to get a chance at the Chromium exclusive characters unless some changes are in the works about the current situation.

Something similar to the versus or daily-weekly-monthly events in Marvel Contest of Champions offers as it is very player-friendly which this game seems to lack of given the chromium exclusive characters that are so much appealing to many of us and starts to irritate alot of the F2P playerbase, as they can't synergize near half as good as the P2P, which seems to be the whole concept of the game.

If history if to proove anything is that ''whales'' are gonna be ''whales'' whatever the situation is as the F2P player wants to keep playing and wants to be able to access everything in the game as long as it is playerfriendly available somehow given you invest the worthful time into the reward(s). You know something that wouldn't hurt your energies so you can farm your competitive squads while being able to simply aquire your favorites from the star wars saga.

Obviously the game isn't designed for everybody to own every character, and that's what some of us want, to own the said op characters in our rooster, even tho they might sit at 2* and level 1 for maybe ever, we'd still have own them and wouldn't feel so left apart. Obviously metas will change and the rooster will widen so I don't see why we won't ever be able to have access to some of the outdated characters.

That's my thoughts as an option to keep this game running in the long haul and a chance to rip some of the lackthereof options of heros & villains availability to so many of us
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