Bounty Hunter Challenge rewards need improvement

The difference between each tier is usually 3-5x difficulty (depending on your level and gearing, it could be 10x).
Going from Bounty Hunter tier 2 to Tier 3, the difficulty is about 300% higher but the reward is only about 20% more.

I'm not saying that the rewards should be 300% higher, but they should at least involve meaningful differences to make us feel like we are achieving something.

Tier 1 to Tier 2 is a 30% improvement, and I feel like 33% should be the minimum improvement considered.
At 33% we would see 50k / 66.6k / 88.8k which is a very modest change.

Something like 50k / 75k / 100 k / 125k would be a nice improvement--it would look like we were getting something--but the gains would actually only be 50% / 33% / 25%.

This wasn't an issue before because with the mining droids, each tier LOOKED much better than the last.

Note that I'm not attempting to make a mathematical appeal to sustaining game play with the awards offered, merely asking that you give us something the looks or feels significant, even if it's not.


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