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Hi all. I have seen quite a few posts from newer players that do not understand all the terms and acronyms we use here on the boards. I know it can be frustrating when you have no idea what people are talking about so I figured I would start a glossary of terms to help them out.

If you see anything that is incorrect or have anything to add, please chime in and let me know and I will make changes or add it to the op. Maybe if it becomes comprehensive enough the mods can sticky it.

Ability Mats - short for ability materials - used to upgrade character skills

Achievements - the list of activities you must complete over time to earn additional rewards

Action/Turn - when a player gets to go and use a skill

AI - Artificial Intelligence - the coding that decides what actions take place

Allies - the people on your ally list who you can borrow characters from

Ally Points - the points earned by borrowing characters that can be spent on bronzium cards

Arena Tokens - the rectangular silver tokens used to buy arena shipments

AOE - Area of Effect - refers to skills that effect multiple toons at once

Buff - A skill that adds positive effects to a character

Buff - when the developers change the game code to make a character stronger

Bronzium cards - cards purchased using ally points that have a chance to unlock characters or
character shards, get gear, credits, and training droids

Cap - the highest lvl a player, character, their gear level, or ability level can reach

CG - Capital Games - the developers who run the game

Cantina Crystals - the orange crystals used to buy Cantina Shipments

Chromium cards - cards purchased using Crystals that have a chance to unlock characters or character shards

Crit - refers to a critical hit. Critical hits do 150% damage. Chance of doing a critical is determined by a characters physical or special critical rating.

Crystals - the purple in game currency

Dailies - the activities you must complete every day to earn additional rewards

DOT - Damage over Time - an effect that produce damage on the next turn or over multiple

DPS - Damage Per Second - not really applicable in a turn based game but used to refer to
high damage characters

Drops - the rewards you get for completing missions

Drop Rate - the percent chance an item has to drop

DD - Direct Damage - a skill that effects only one enemy character

Farming - completing missions to obtain specific items

GW crystals - the green crystals used to buy Galactic War shipments

DeBuff - a skill or effect that weakens a character

Devs - the developers who code and run the game

DS - Dark Side

EA - Electronic Arts - the parent company to CG

Force close - to exit game by closing app

FTP - Free to Play

FTW - Free to Win

GW - Galactic War

IAP - In App Purchase

LS - Light Side

Mats - short for materials - anything used to upgrade characters

Meta - Current state of game

Mods - Moderators - the guys who police the forums

Modding - cheating by using programs to change files in the game to provide an advantage

Nerf - When the developers change game code to make a character weaker

OP - Orginal post/poster

OP - Over Powered

P2P - Pay to play

P2W - Pay to win

Proc - an effect that is caused by use of a skill or ability, usually has a percentage chance of

Purp Mats - short for Purple Materials - usually gear that is required for gear level 7 and above,
refers to the purple border around the object

PVE - Player versus enemy

PVP - Player versus player

RNG - Random Number Generator

Retreat - the gear button in the upper left corner has a retreat option. It can usually only be
used after the enemy team takes an action

Round - the actions that take place behind the scenes to fill the turn meter and determine
which character acts next

SA - Squad Arena

Synergy - a teams ability to work well together

Toon - another way to refer to a character or Hero

Turn - once a characters turn meter is full, he gets to take an action

Turn Meter - the blue bar below a characters health bar that determines when they get to take
an action

Xp - experience points

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