Beating Galactic War as a 60 with limited characters

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Hey there!
Currently I'm having an issue with the Galactic War, as I haven't been able to beat it once on my way to 60, and I'm still struggling now at 60 to even get past the 9th or 10th battle.
How the hell am I supposed to beat this when my first battle is this?!

I beat my first fight with just 25% HP taken off my Chewie, but then, a wild

appeared. Seriously? How am I going to beat all 12 fights :neutral:

What is a viable strategy to beat it? Go with a secondary team then your primary team? Stack healers? Stack debuffers? I can't find the combination that works for me. It's simply not possible to do it when you get epic level 60 oponents from the second match. What gives?

Here's what I have access to at the moment
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  • I think you don't have enough healers to sustain the fights.
  • I'm trying to work on Luminara, but what do you know, shards drop from Galactic War... Other than that, I have no idea what way to go.
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    Timba wrote: »
    I'm trying to work on Luminara, but what do you know, shards drop from Galactic War... Other than that, I have no idea what way to go.

    If you want to spend $, the Barris pack is obvious. Otherwise, Talia is IMO not as bad as some say, though at the level you are playing at, she may not be up to the task.

    In time you'll get Luminara.
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  • You do need more healers. You also need a larger roster of level 60 characters to use.

    GW is meant to be a long term goal for most players. You're not meant to be able to clear the whole board as soon as you hit 60.

    Having said all that though, it's very odd that you're getting level 60 teams in only the second fight. Usually you're meant to start off with a few easier low level AI groups before you start hitting the more difficult player groups.

    Are you consistently getting level 60 teams like this on the 2nd/3rd battle? Or was this a once off scenario?

    Maybe @EA_Jesse can shed some light on this for you? Could be a potential bug?
  • Galactic war is based on the strength of your PVP team. As soon as I stopped levelling my PVP team and spent more time levelling other characters it became really easy to beat Galactic War, it seems like you may have to sacrifice some PVP rating in order to beat GW
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    So I went ahead and lost my Jawa and my team was at around 50%-75% HP, when I got to the third fight,
    Come on!

    Do you suggest I put level 1 characters as my PVP team and just go down on the rankings? I'll loose my Crystal rewards, which seem to help more. Did anyone do this, is it viable? Before I do it, would be awesome to know.
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    It happened to me this morning too but I managed to clear today's galwar.. As for healers, there's always Daka from Cantina so maybe you could consider getting her..and like what the other players have mentioned, try having other filler characters to use for the war.

    One tactic you could consider is, just use your fillers as pawns to bait your opponents to use their ultis. And if your fillers are still alive after that, retreat from the battle immediately and swap in your alfa squad.

    Anyway, I had to deal with the lv60 players up untill the 4-5th battle before clearing up the hoard of AIs after that.
    I honestly have no idea how they do the updates and team resets..hope you'll have better luck tomorrow.
  • That is actutally not a bad idea ; using pawns to soak up specials, retreating and going back in. I'll give it a go with the next reset.
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  • Galatic war seema really random. I can clear it everyday but it seems most hardest enemies come to me around 7-9th battle and 10-12 is always easier.

    Today i faced lvl 50 team at 7th battle but 12th was lvl 36
  • agreed... Completely random but I noticed that today was the only time i actually will not be able to clear it cuz its pitting me against lvl 56's repeatedly as a lvl 45.
  • the complete gw is worse case... alltime at fight 5+ have all enemys + 10 lvl.. im actually lvl 48 and fight 4 has 5x lvl 56.. impossible to play this unvalanced gw..

    and this for an handfull coins/ 5 shards.. lol
  • I actually beat GW for the first time last night. I did it with back up teams. After my primary team was knocked out, I went back in with 3 tanks and 2 attackers. I went through say 20 characters but, I have 45 so it wasn't a big deal. Instead of starring up a few characters, I've always focused on having more.
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    Are the teams you faced based on your character level or your position in the PvP ranks? People keep talking about dropping down in PvP but is that actually something that affects this, or is it one of those things someone assumes and then it gets passed around. :)
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  • I'd like to know also. My battles last night went from 40-54 then dropped down the last two to 40 something again. I have lost significant standing in PVP ranks the last two weeks.
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