MissingCharaters/Wishlist to be added to game.

Besides the obvious, (gen grevius,yoda, scout trooper. All of whom will be added at some point) what characters would you like to see added to the game?
Not a huge fan of the star wars clone wars animated (2008) or rebels show (the 2003 clone wars on the other hand was awesome!) So most of my wish list I from the original (Theatrical realses! If you haven’t seen it, FIND IT! NOW) trilogy and the eu. One thing I’d love to see is more characters from KOTOR (never played the mmorpg, just the original two).

So my wish list is
1. Darth Malak
2. Darth Revan
3. Canderous Ordo
4. Darth Nihilus
5. Darth Sion
6. (generic) Old republic solider.
7. (generic) Sith soldier
8. (generic) Dark trooper (Not shadow trooper)
9. Jedi Bastila Shan
10. Mara Jade
11. Mission Vao
12. Carth Onasi
14. Starkiller(darth vaders apprentice)
15. Dash Rendar
Yes some I know will NEVER make it in (THANK YOU DISNEY! *cough you suck cough*).
But think how cool it would be to have carth and dash alongside han, or the powerful sith lords of 4000 years before episode 1 alongside vader!
Also id like to see a emperor palatine (the darth sidus represents a pre empire version)
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