Shard mates: Broda, Aleex44, Khatmorg, Skystroller, 4G Inverted Dive



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    Bryzzo, when is your payout?
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    Hey, what's up guys? I think this is my shard! Fun stuff.
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    Oh, it is.
  • Karste
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    edited April 2018
    Bryzzo1744 wrote: »
    Do you guys have a Discord channel for this shard? I would like to join if possible.

    Discord name: Bryzzo

    Bryzzo what's you full Discord? Mine is Karste#4447, hit me up!
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    With the new update coming and the allowance of switching payout times, does this mean our shard is going to change? I've always enjoyed seeing how you guys all switched around teams and seeing your name up there. Hope we get to stay at least somewhat together.
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