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  • One thing that I think would help though is allowing us to skip a turn
  • One thing that I think would help though is allowing us to skip a turn

    Agreed, that would be awesome. I may vote for you yet... :smile:
  • Instead of having to restart, why not allow your squad to heal daily? If you choose to continue, then you cannot restart. This would allow completion to get the shards (unless there is a brick wall). Originally I thought that was how it was going to play (since I didn't read anything about it). Sadly, the next day I was just like ****?
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    If you read through 36 pages monkeyman, there's mostly complaints which account for 90% of the people here because it's stupid that they make it impossible for people who rank high in arena and aren't max lvl 70 with B C teams that aren't as geared to take on 5 gear 8-9 you ****, nobody gives a **** about your one-man opinion and the fact that you are either a pleb **** rank in arena or you've been playing this game forever because no reason why you'd win so much, strategy doesn't work when you have ABC squad going against 10+ nodes of max star max gear LOL you haven't said anything constructive for the past few posts, you're mostly a nuisance with your small **** comments plebs stay pleb
    Finish 3-7 in arena most days, but thanks for asking. The way you type speaks volumes for your intellect, no wonder you can't finish GW.

    lol pleb plz rank 3-7 screenshots, ur probably p2w or played since it started and have enough characters to run through GW, again with your short comments too dumb to respond I guess, sorry but no strategy is involved going against multiple level 70 gear 8 comps all 6-7 stars **** kid just lurk

    If he's rank 3-7 in arena thats the accomplishment not beating galactic wars!! Regardless if he pays he has to do know what hes doing its a skilled game. To people having a difficult time with galactic wars time your heals better!
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    I logged in for the first time to say GW is just....broken. So ridiculous, way too hard. After I saw comments about your highest rank ever in Arena w/ your top characters determining GW, I realized a good run I had recently in Arena had permanently broken GW for me FML. By round 3, 4 I'm facing purple Lv 70 teams haha ****!?

    Before the patch I had only beat GW once. I found it really difficult, but challenging and I spent hrs planning my teams and line-ups. DONT LAUGH - I did not know about the retreat abuse tactic so I was actually probably playing the friggin mode as intended lmao. I understand why they tweeked it but it's frackin broke now.

    It's so obvious and transparent a move that they must be called out on it. They were seeing way too much shard farming going on and literally built a brick wall to stop it. Along with this bogus Yoda event they are trying to squeeze mid level players into spending $ and trying to temp feed the whales something.

    I concur
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    Even if you play it properly you can run into a flat out wall. I'm 57 5* avg. This was the end of my guild war today.


    Congrats on making it that far! I'm about 4 nodes behind and up against the same deal. And I am atrocious at Arena level
  • Still want it changed back have only won it 3 times since patch

    I'm one one win and gave up counting
  • I'm level 69 f2p and get waxed about 66% through GW. haven't beat it once since the patch. Can't win now unless you have the best toons(spend money) or have 15+ toons max starred/leveled/geared(spend money).

    There's no strategy that can combat the strong enemies I face.

    Other than spending the affirm entwined money.
    But from what I can see that's how most games of this type end up.
    People who spend money should get things and have an easier time. People who don't, or can't, spend so much shouldn't be left feeling like they just need to move on to something else.
  • I want it back to the way it was. Ya know? Beatable. I can't even get to half way through it anymore.
  • One thing that I think would help though is allowing us to skip a turn
    How many times have I needed to not kill a character but skip to a healer for the next round? Good suggestion
  • E.A/ C.A has lost any chance of more money from me.
    I have given the GW a few more tries.
    I'm level 53, 4 and 5 star chars and level 7 gear. Today's battle 8 was up against level 70, 7 star and fully geared team.
    This is impossible to beat, if it doesnt change I will stop playing.
    Can anyone from E.A/ C.A tell me what customers they have received feedback from that enjoy impossible games?
    Look forward to some feedback.....
  • I really like the change. I have done very well in gw and i think this change is for the better. It helps me try different ways to approach a battle from the beginning. I think this gives me more experience which helps with my squad arena strategy.
  • Hey, 3 of my team were defeated before they got their turn.

    let's talk about "games" first.
    we play games for fun, not to taking stress.
    we have a lot of other thing to get stressed.
    we play games for release our stress.
    of course there have to be some challenges.

    but to talk about recent updated GW is,
    away too much.

    Frankly, I've lost my fun on this game after recent updates.
  • I'm with ya on that , wasted 3 cantina energy and 5 regular energy refreshes today farming for gear , you would not believe how little the return ! Not spending another dime!
  • Overall I've been happy with almost all of the update changes. And the retreat change I think makes sense and works. My problem as others have noted is the scaling of the battles. I just hit 68 and have one char there and a solid 5 at 67.

    My 6th in the halfway mark was a full lvl 70 6-7* all tier 8 gear....on the 6th battle. If this was in the last 3 that'd be one thing, but after making it through with only a couple char left there was a 0% chance of making it to the end. (To make it more confusing the next battle had some lvl 57 char followed by an all lvl 69 team.)

    I'm okay with not clearing GW every day. But it's now been a week and haven't been able to clear. And an end stage team at the halfway mark takes any sense of hope or fun out of the day.
  • I have a story to tell. When I hit lvl 62 the GW update launched. It started getting very hard and at the time I had about 8 lvl VII 5 starred Heros. I'm a huge fan of this game and as a fan, I decided maybe if I spent some money I could kill 2 birds with one stone. Quickly farm Jedi for Yoda event and add stronger Heros to my roster to compete in GW. What's interesting, is now my impossible GW nodes are coming at 3-5 instead 8-10. I just hit 70 yesterday and I'm currently fostered with 7 7* Heros and in total 16 VII geared Heros. I blow my fodder on each node after 4 if I could handle node 3 properly. I'm not asking for a change in the matchmaking design, I'm demanding it. 7 vault purchases in 1 day and I'm getting wiped earlier in GW too back to back plasma glass cannons. Does anyone recommend me building phase a glass cannon lineup for GW? I'm struggling hard here and GW is the greatest source of credits and the MK II mats are high priority.
  • Why doesn't gw look at your squad power rating and scale the opponents to that rather than random enemies 7 levels and fully geared against you. I'm 62 f2p with only 1 7 star (mainly because of switching focus) But like everyone else's complaints, can't finish after this patch. Please fix
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    There's no real easy way around this...

    Follwed by...

    It just gets better...
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    Hi guys, im new to the forums. Ive skimmed over the posts about the 3-4 battles being insanely hard. My friend has this happen to him daily.

    This doesnt happen for me. Since the update, ive been able to auto battle GW until the end. Every time I level im fully expecting these super hard battles my friend keeps telling about (that I used to get before patch). But it gets even easier.

    Im now level 66 and its a breeze. I have to admit, I am enjoying the easy farm, but its incredibly unfair to my mate. And to all you guys.

    My first battle, is 3stars - level 47-52.

    Im LEVEL 66.

    Halfway they MIGHT be level 60 with a purple or 2.

    Thats it. Thats as hard as it gets. Im telling you this in hopes the devs pick up on the problem youre all getting. Everyone else's GW is insanely hard, and mine is the polar opposite. No doubt these 2 scenarios are linked.
  • I'll add to the objections on opponent selection. Summary of below, I hit someone 14 player levels above me on battle 6, that's an impenetrable wall, and implausible that anyone on my shard could be that level. This opponent selection is just frustrating, not challenging.

    What I expected would happen was that my opponents would be selected based on my arena rank, and would range from a fair bit below my arena rank and the last 2-3 opponents would be above my rank. This would be plausible to win against, and would be slightly more difficult than the first two times I ran GW (I hit level 40 3 days ago). I'd need to have leveled more than just a single arena team to win.

    Today at battle 5, I hit someone at level 46 (I think, it was a little higher than me, but not much). This was surprising, but I thought maybe someone paid a lot of money and just hadn't progressed much up the arena ranks. I burned my entire B team to get my A team through at mostly green (B team couldn't kill anyone). The next opponent (battle 6) is level 56 with 4 level 56 characters and one 55. This is impossible to beat (just tried a little; couldn't kill the weakest person on their side before one of mine was already dead, an no one else on their team had any damage). This is also implausible that it's from my shard. The current number 1 in arena is level 49. The remainder of 2-10 is 43-47. I'm currently down at 155, and everyone around me is +- 2 player levels (I'm at 42). I just can't believe someone would have spent enough money to get 7 levels higher than the highest rank on my shard (that's a lot of energy), and yet wouldn't be anywhere in the top ten (I'd expect they'd just have a lock on first, but who knows).

    Is this intended to be ridiculously frustrating in the balancing? Do you get penalized for making it all the way through? Do you get penalized for losing in the arena (I wasn't trying to move up in levels so lost two battles to complete the daily task)?

    If the level 46 person had been the last battle or the last two had been at that level, it would have seemed fair. I don't believe blowing everyone I have from full health could beat the level 56 opponent.

    W.r.t. retries, I'd suggest changing it to a fixed (perhaps to their # characters at war restart) number of retries (with gems for more?) and a full random re-seed. This gives people a chance to try out multiple strategies, but limits them from trying repeatedly to get lucky.
  • Guess who doesn't make it to the first node today. This guy.


    This is a last three node team, not a first. You really need to sort your crap out.
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    There's no real easy way around this...

    Follwed by...

    It just gets better...

    At least it was late in the day.
  • Yep, the matchmaking is pretty hosed for the GW. Not sure what the hell they're thinking.
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    I know this question has been asked repeatedly, but I'm now ranked 13th and REALLY would like my name changed. I'm not middle eastern. I'd like a different f%=×_""#== name.
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  • I've previously found GW easy complete, almost on auto-pilot. Some days there is a little challenge. Today, though, I had to face several teams of all 70 level characters 6-7*. Road block. There is no strategy to get around something like that. It isn't challenging when it is impossible. No matter if I put cannon fodder first, I just did not have the fire power and depth to go 3 rounds of very difficult battles. Normally, there is an easier battle but today it was clear I wasn't getting through. My first battle was with 60 level characters. I hope this doesn't persist and become a regular occurrence. The game should not penalize people with strong squads.

    I've invested a lot in this game. It is getting really annoying experiencing so much inconsistency.
  • yeah i had the same thing happen yesterday. today, i hit 1 level 70 squad and the rest lower. I don't know what the correlation is, cause if anything my squad probably gained 500-1000 power since yesterday.
  • DermoRen. You need to spend more and more money. Bottom line. To keep upgrading your characters and their weapons, it cost dough. Big dough.
  • I don't normally comment like this, but these changes are rediculous. I have been playing for about 2-3 months and all my sense of progression is gone. It took some time building a few squads to be able to beat GW but I did it. And after time I was able to do so pretty consistently. Now that is all gone and it's a miracle to get 1/2 way through? And your reasoning for the change is just more infuriating! "You guys are playing it wrong" is simply inexcusable!

    The reason people play FTP games long term (and eventually pay money into it) is because they feel like they are getting somewhere. They feel like they are getting more powerful. They feel like they are growing. Well...all that is gone now. I can't make it any farther now than I did when it first began. I have watched my arena team fall more than 100 spots. (Used to be a top 50 team, now it's a struggle to stay in the top 200). For some reason teams ranked 2000 or less power are smoking me now? But before I had no problems with them?

    You have removed the 2 most entertaining acts of the game and made them completely frustrating. I am on the verge of Rage Quiting. And that's a shame, because before this absolute horrible decision on your behalf, I was REALLY enjoying this game...even if somehow I was "playing it wrong". My plan for now is this: I'm closing my wallet. And if this is not corrected by the next update, I'm done. I play games to blow off steam. I have enough in life that frustrates me, I don't like my entertainment to add MORE aggravation.

    My suggestions for fixing things:

    Undo what you have done RIGHT NOW! And go back to the drawing board.

    Do what most would consider to be common sense - scale the 12 battles. It is beyond words to me that you can see the toughest fight in the tourney in round 4. Who the heck thought that was a good idea? Laziness is the only reason I can think of to let that idea get any ground. You scale it so the first 3 fights are the easiest and the last 3 fights are the toughest, SCALING the battles in between. The weaker teams can still earn something, and the better teams get more. (Isn't that why we build better teams in the first place?). Like I said....common sense. PLUS it gives the player that sense of know...the whole reason they are still playing the game?

    Whatever buffs you have hidden into AI teams needs to go. I know you have done something. All of a sudden every skill is working for AI, every hit is a critical? Come on now...I should be able to beat teams 2000 power lower than me (especially when I'm fighting against the same team that I am using). Once again...common sense.

    By making the changes you have made you have cut my ability to grow my teams by 1/2. Not only am I losing the extra shard purchases, but GW is really the primary source for income. Resulting in over 1/2 my daily gains before your update. Now I make less than 1/2 a mil a day. That's about enough to raise 1 guy 2-3 levels when you are at the top. That's it. Just how exactly do you propose I raise a back up team when I can now barely afford to raise my primary team up to level? I was doing fine before...

    Edit to add: I don't give 2 rats farts about the retreat change. I never used it until your update. Fix the battles themselves!

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    You need to spend $1k or more. As absurd as it sounds. Or play for years and years for 30 minutes a day. They have it set up to hook you with a good game and then stump your progression. In the end, you just have to accept it and either pay to play or stop playing.
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