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    I don't see a problem with their communication. Your expectations are sky-high because you are obviously making comparisons with other companies that you have bought stuff from. If you lookedback on your previous experiences with other game companies, EA/CG are doing well enough. This is a low-profit and volatile industry that doesn't have much resources to allocate to staffing and all kinds of customer-service oriented things. Hack, if they have a lot of money, they would have allocated 2 full-time community managers to deal with all the things here.

    This is NOT a low-profit industry, haha. I have no idea how much GoH makes (and as it's fairly new it could not even be profitable yet, I have no clue), but established big money apps like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach earn hundreds of thousands a day.

    If they were low profit you wouldn't see TV adverts featuring Christoph Waltz and James Corden :)

    And I don't agree that the communication is necessarily good in all areas compared to other games - not big money/AAA titles anyway. They've been excellent in some areas, but leaving a massive update out of the patch notes is a big oversight.

    The fact is, this isn't an Indie developer or even a well funded new/one off app company. It's Star Wars, it's EA, it's CG. They aren't held to the same standards as the creators of Flappy Birds etc.
  • Think about it you got luminara when you could bust out 15 shards a day at level 42... 3 or 4 days....

    Now, it's hard to even get 5 shards a day at level 42.... Takes three times as long to play a game that's not even fun anymore....10 days!!!! That sounds like punishment more than entertainment.

    You may think that's a grownup opinion... But really it's a level 60 opinion... Has nothing to do with maturity... Just an honest perception here....

    Sure if your 60 this might be ok, but not if you're just 45 or so...

    Be happy and keep playing.... I respect your decision to do so. I also respect those who don't think EA has earned their money (like me).... You have to do a better job this to be worthy of my business...

    I'm done with EA... Lots of other games with better customer service and less glitchy games....

    This one is really really bad actually... Every day I had something glitch... I just couldn't take it anymore...

    Good luck to everyone... I was top 100 on my server when I quit, and couldn't do anything in Galactic War.. I built a balanced team with the strategy of moving in and out of battle... I planned it that way... Taking that away destroyed my team....

    I would be ok if I had known GW was the way it is now or even closely resembled it... I'm all for no hard resets, I'm even for No buff resets... But I HATE GW So bad, it made me not like the rest of game either...

    So go ahead 60+ People... Be happy and play the game... I won't be joining you...

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    [Get real. There is no fun in using "fake and unrealistic strategies" such as sending in tanks to absorb damage and run without suffering any major setbacks to your entire campaign. Get real and play to the rules of brutality in a galactic-scale war.

    Not sure if serious or sarcastic...

    As if you can send in cannon fodder in a large-scale galactic war without wasting resources valuable to your campaign such as supplies and energy. Don't be silly. You are obviously disillusioned with many years of taking things from others for free.

    Since when was this about a "large-scale galactic war?" The setting of this game is a mere hologram game.

    BTW, you sound as if you have conducted a large-scale galactic war to be so certain, eh? Have you even studied/been in the military or have you just watched too many movies and cartoons? I may have missed out some posts in between, but no one seems to be suggesting that you can/should retreat without any loss. Cannon fodders are calculated losses in an attempt to derive greater benefits. It has been used countless times throughout the military history and will continue to be used as long as military conflicts persist.

    Spin it as much as you like, but the initial landing troops on the D-day were cannon fodders whose sole purpose was to wear down the defense so that the next wave could secure a beachhead and advance. The British cavalry who spearheaded the Battle of El Alamein was literally shoved into a minefield, fully expected to suffer heavy casualties so that they pave the way for the main force to advance. I could go on.

    Who is the real disillusioned here, claiming there is no such thing as cannon fodder?
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    As if you can send in cannon fodder in a large-scale galactic war without wasting resources valuable to your campaign such as supplies and energy. Don't be silly. You are obviously disillusioned with many years of taking things from others for free.

    I'm pretty sure in the Star Wars universe fodder translates to: Droids, Clones, Stormtroopers and Ewoks.

    Mostly Ewoks.

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    First, disclosure: I beat it today, rather easily, and I am FTP.

    Next, I will assume, without arguing it, that increasing the challenge was an appropriate decision. I know many disagree (I don't), but it doesn't effect what I'm about to say.. That's because my argument is that, even if you believe that GW should be more challenging, there are other problems with GW that need fixing.

    Now, as a starting point, obviously finishing GW confers significant benefits. It's my belief that those benefits, relative to those who can't finish it, are probably too high currently. How to fix this? Not by decreasing the rewards. Two ways that GW could be made more fair without reducing the challenge:

    (1) make the rewards scale differently. Currently 1/2 of the shards are acquired in the last 3 battles. That's the opposite of arena, where there are diminishing returns in terms of shards. At least divide the shards evenly. Basically 10 shards for getting through 8 battles rather than getting through 10 battles.

    (2) make the difficulty scale more evenly. Currently there is too much randomness - you can hit a really tough team fairly early. It's not the norm but it happens. Save the really tough teams for the last 4 battles.

    Just my 2 cents. Challenge is good, but let's not make things TOO hard on those who can't complete it.
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    I wish in ROTJ, Luke was like "yo emp, wait a second, let me get a clone in here to take the lighting, I don't really want to get hit with it."
  • I'm glad for the changes. I can complete it without exploiting.
  • I'm glad for the changes. I can complete it without exploiting.

    And the whole point of my post goes right over your head.
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    This whole situation, everyone complaining reminds me of this company I worked for one time, where they brought breakfast tacos, donuts, and fresh cut fruit every morning for employees to enjoy. The Director left the company one day for another job. Then, there was no breakfast anymore. People were really mad about it. Some talked about quitting, and others decided that they needed a pay raise because that breakfast every morning was a form of compensation to them. Angry company-wide emails were going around. It was crazy stupid.
    At the end of it all, it turned out that the company wasnt providing that breakfast, but instead the director was paying for it out of his own pocket as a treat. When the Director left the company, his free gift of breakfast went with him.

    You guys shouldn't be completing GW. Not without a broad roster. Just because you have been completing it because of the cheese tactics, doesn't mean you're entitled once they make adjustments. I think I have a broad roster, and I have failed to complete GW 4 times.

    1. I fail to see how this story has much, if any relevance to the issue?
    2. This debate around difficulty is only half of the problem and certainly the lesser issue, at least for me. I miss the strategic element of managing the heal cool downs and depleted heroes. Having that flexibility was what made GW the best mode in this game IMHO. If difficulty is all you care, crank up the difficulty by different means, but restore the previous retreat, plus make buffs/debuffs be carried over
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    TommySitt wrote: »
    I just ran through 12/12 today with only one killed on stage 12, lvl 58, using only 6 toons - 5* Lumi, Sid, and Luke, 4* Daka, JC, and Phasma. Sid, Lumi and Phas have purple gear. I swapped out JC for Luke twice, and everyone else stayed the entire 12/12. I used Lumi as lead for the dodge and heal with each turn. The 3 healer lineup is the way to go! I don't have Bariss, so I used JC. I don't have Dooku either. I just unlocked Daka, and she's really.made the difference. I have screenshots, but I don't see how to attach from my android phone. If someone can tell me how, I'll show the pics.

    So again, how does that respond to my comment? Your implicit argument is that, since you can complete it, the heck with those that can't. I don't buy it. Yes, there should be larger rewards for completing it, but the gap is too large. Even setting aside the other rewards, someone who only gets 1/2 way through it will take three times as long to farm GW shipment heroes. IMO that's too big of a gap.

    Edit - and as I said, I'm 12/12 also. AgAin, my point isn't that it's "too hard." But obviously plenty of people can't complete it. The typical MMORPG attitude that the needs of the "casuals" should be ignored is repugnant.
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    Barrok wrote: »
    I wish in ROTJ, Luke was like "yo emp, wait a second, let me get a clone in here to take the lighting, I don't really want to get hit with it."

    Lol. :D

    That would have been a smart move if it would wear down Palpatine's ability to cast Force lightning. But alas, that doesn't seem to be the case. In fact, no one ever seems to get tired in the Star Wars movies.
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    GW is supposed to give you new random enemies every day.

    That's bull... I've faced the same exact teams several days in a row now; there's got to be something wrong with GW's matchmaking when I keep having repeats of the same players multiple days in a row when there are thousands of players playing.

    It's already a big enough pain to try and beat a team that near demolishes you on sight; but having to face that same team several days in a row is just adding salt to the wound. I don't mind a challenge as long as it's a new challenge, ripping my hair out over the same frustration from the day before because I didn't memorize the exact combination of moves that allowed me survive the first time is in no way shape or form enjoyable.

    I really wish that CG would just admit that they have no clue what RNG is or how to make it work; matchmaking doesn't seem to be randomized at all,and battles action results definitely aren't; I can literally play the same battle dozens of times and watch the same exact AI actions, damage totals, ability and resistance procs occur every single time in the exact same order...
  • So I had another play with GW tonight trying out ways to get through L60 opponents with some pretty mean set ups. Who would have thought little old 4* Lobot could be so good! Things I learnt is he really makes the difference when pinned down by 6 & 7* Vader, Sid, Ren, Dooku and Ben. Well actually it was a no brainier in the end. I actually enjoyed GW today as it was a proper challenge and I had to pick a team to allow me around what seemed an impossible challenge without wiping out my team for the final challenge. I encourage everyone not to be down about the change, just embrace it and think it through and keep trying teams till you suss it out. In the end I completed it all for the loss of one toon. Other things I leant is the order you pick your team and where they are lined up can make the difference. The same toons but just one position pick to the left or right can result in a totally different outcome so do try this, especially if you have a strategy critical player you don't want wiping out in the first onslaught! For example I moved lobot from pick 5 to 4 and their Sid hit another toon instead of him first allowing him to survive and rebuff the fatal Vader attack coming next. GW is now more about strategy than ever before. Enjoy!
  • I'm super angry. Any more of this kind of malice and I'm complaining to the BBB.
  • Lorenzo wrote: »
    I'm glad for the changes. I can complete it without exploiting.

    And the whole point of my post goes right over your head.

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    As the dev clearly said, build ur roster properly and your fine. I never used the exploit of tricking the AI into blowing their specials then fighting them unfairly. I always force closed to bring in dif units aginst a 100% functinal team to test what worked and what didnt. Thats strategy. Strategy is not tricking the AI to handicap themselves with an exploit. Why everyone is making such a fuss about this just boggles my mind. Play as intended and you will eventually be able to beat it like your supposed to, WHEN YOUR READY.

    If your unable to complete it, then its working properly and tour not ready to complete it. Please cry less and play more, its way more fun to play then cry, trust me
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    I'm super angry. Any more of this kind of malice and I'm complaining to the BBB.

    Complain to the BBB about your free game that you haven't spent any money on and watch them laugh at you.

  • Who says I never spent any money troll boy?
  • Maybe, just maybe, they will fix this is in a future update to bring it back into line with their expectations and ours.

    All it would take really is to correct the FC bugs and then make it so that debuffs/buffs carry over between retreats. This would also allow the same in normal fights so I don't have to wait until round 3 to use poggle.
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    DarthNight wrote: »
    As if you can send in cannon fodder in a large-scale galactic war without wasting resources valuable to your campaign such as supplies and energy. Don't be silly. You are obviously disillusioned with many years of taking things from others for free.

    I'm pretty sure in the Star Wars universe fodder translates to: Droids, Clones, Stormtroopers and Ewoks.

    Mostly Ewoks.


    Don't miss out the Gungans who were cannon fodders to distract the Trade Federation. ;)
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    Op I feel ya

    My team
    Sid 54 (5*)
    Poggle 54 (4*)
    Lumi 52 (3*)
    JC 53 (5*)
    Royal Guard/Poe/Chewie about the same as above characters

    I started GW with no high hopes today, had cleared it 3 times before (started when I got Lumi 4 days ago) and had a real struggle even with old retreat and fc.
    Today after chest nr 5 I hit a wall, their Sid+JC...well actually pretty much a mirror team except I had poggle and they had 5555, couldnt get past it without my whole team being totaly screwed, tried like 40 times...and then suddenly my team dodged, resisted and so on until I had the match totaly unharmed and almost all heals off cooldown. Ehhh?!
    The trick is to switch characters and try new people because if you have the same the AI will crit/hit/dodge the same (or at least almost the same) every time, but just changing Chewie to Royal Guard changed everything! Instead of Sid doing kebab of poggle he attacked my Royal Guard!

    After that it was a cake walk the last battles, it was weird how easy it was, I had to retreat ONE time in the next 5 battles!
    And may I remind you, my team suck and I faced high geared level 58-60 sometimes (no killer teams though).

    Lesson is, try and try again, dont loose hope no matter how sucky chanses you think you got.

    Also I came 4 in arena today! Took a long shot and my last Sid took out his Vader. I didnt even time it right, people had 8 min to push me out (me at 15k power, the ones around me at 18-20k). Weird day.
  • HeHateMe wrote: »
    Barrok wrote: »
    it is predetermined in that every move you make, if following the exact same order, will produce the exact same results.

    So, to fix this, either change up who you are attacking or change your team, or change the placement of your team, and you should roll a new set of predetermined results.

    Hey barrok thanks for the input. I just tried to shoot someone else with lighting. Same result. I then tried a different lineup for my squad same result. What am I doing wrong? Or is it for my 1st move dooku lighting will always be resisted?

    Corrct, unless you change a team member whichs for a new seed I believe.
  • I found the previous style to be much like playing Risk. Plan strategy, roll the dice, adjust accordingly.
    With the change, it's more like playing Monopoly with infinite rolls. Land on a hotel, re-roll. Go to jail, re-roll. They land on your hotel, gimme the dice back. Easier but tedious.
  • Honestly, if they desired GW to be end game content and difficult. On day one it should of been like arena, no retreating, no force closing, battling to the death in hopes of progressing to the next match is my opinion of what it should have been.. As we've already beat the horse enough, now it's more of a puzzle of picking the correct moves to minimize damage.
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    We are all adjusting to the changes in galactic war, I agree with many in that lots of the strategy is gone and has now been replaced with multiple restarts w/ stuns until the right combination lands that allows you to progress through that node without much damage. I also understand that how the retreat was functioning previously was outside of the vision of gw by developers which made many matches laughably easy as when ever a taunt of heal debuff landed you just backed out and started fresh, plus bringing in the d squad with your healers at the end to reset cool downs made it exceptionally easy, which is not the intent.

    My recommendations are two easy fixes that would bring back some of the previous strategy of using multiple toons to accomplish the win and take the need away where you keep restarting because the eventual ended leaves you in the red making the toon as good as dead because they would be one shoted at the start of the next match.

    1. Have all cool downs reset by 1 at the end of each match for all toons, even toons not in the match. If you have a toon w/ a 4 count cool down, after 4 matches on the bench they would be fresh and ready to go. You still won't be able to sub them in at the end of matches, but it gives you a chance to have toons a little fresher to fight the next group that is 100%. Plus it will help your healers keep up with all the damage you are receiving from those epic teams ptw teams with 7* fotp and leia. Because cool downs are being reset while not in match you are encourage to use a fresh toon that you would't normally because they are ready to go out of the gate instead of your primary toon that has 3 more turns before a heal or powerful aoe.

    2. Have health for all living toons refill by 25% at the end of each match. This will allow you to finish matches with toons in the red and bench them for a few nodes and be ready to go and affective.
  • Is it possible that battles are predetermined?

    I just restarted a battle 10 times because the same exact thing was happening. Dooku crit my Luke at every start, then Sid would use his special and crit and apply dots on Luke, Sid and lumi, then lumi would kill Luke.

    Is it just a major coincidence that the battle started exactly the same 10 times in a row?
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