Meaning of AOE

I know it sounds dumb but honestly I don't know what it means so please help me out and tell me what it means


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    Area of effect
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    Area of effect - skills that target more than one unit.
  • Oh thanks guys wow that was fast
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  • Also note that in this game, AoE means the targeting of all characters. In other games where you can actually move around, it often means an ability that will have a effect on everything within the the shape of the marker (usually a circle), wherever you choose to place the marker. The size of an AoEs circle marker can vary widely, depending on the game.

    Think of a shooter game; a grenade and other explosives would be considered an AoE weapon, due to its blast radius. It doesn't necessarily have to target multiple things, but putting the AoE near a single target will give a better chance of hitting it than a bullet which is either hit or miss. Even if the target is at the outer portion of the AoE area, it still hits, although usually for less damage.
  • I created a Glossary of terms and definitions in the guide section today. Check it out if there are any other terms you don't understand. Post up if you have anything to add.
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