arena not savig team composition?

if i change my team composition, whenever i log out and log back in, it reverts to the older composition. i have no clue which team people will be fighting when im attacked. for example: ill use lets say QGJ as a leader in the original team, then i decide to change to something like old ben. When i relog the rankings will show old ben as the leader, but on the far left where it shows your profile it'll show QGJ, also when i select to attack someone, durring the team set up it'll have the former QGJ team. anyone else experiencing this?


  • Darivon
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    Yes, happens to me as well. People will be fighting your "old" team i guess. Cause when you go to team setup to attack someone after you logged in, there is always your "old" team selected with the old leader and old units in it. Kinda sucks. Fix would be cool.
    I'm on iOS if that's relevant.
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    I got same issue. I am pretty sure this happened after the update. Fix it plssssssssss!
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    Pretty sure this happened to me. Changed my team for last fight yesterday, log on today and it's switched back to the original composition.
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