Moving servers

Can i move to my friends server, i just started a few days ago and so did my friend and we are pretty competitive. i would enjoy playing in the same server


  • Telaan
    3454 posts Member
    Not currently. Given that this is a mobile game I doubt you'll ever be able too. You can still be friends and borrow each other's allies though.
  • Abyss
    1651 posts Member
    Its not out of the realm of possibility though.

    My friend and I play and were in the same arena group. He always watched my rank (im top 20 consistently) when i finally broke top 5 he went to see and poof, we are in dif arena groups now so ppl do shuffle around a bit.
    Who moves and why they move are a mystery (also how often) but you could end up together since i can verify ppl are bunped to dif groups
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