Help me decide with best setup - Light/Dark and Arena/Cantina

Would like to hear out from you guys which is best setup for Dark/Light Side and what would you use in Arena from setup I have. Level 36 atm. Got few characters today so having doubts what to use.

Also which leader abilities would you pick for each of the 4 teams - Light/Dark/Arena/Squad Cantina battles.

Light Side
Chewbacca 3* (gear lvl4)
CT-5555 Fives 3* (gear lvl4)
Plo Koon 3* (gear lvl3)
Qui-Gon Jinn 3* (gear lvl4)
Jawa 3* (gear lvl3)
Jedi Consular 2* (gear lvl5)
Resistance Trooper 2* (gear lvl3)
Clone Sergeant 2* (gear lvl3)
Ewok Scout 1* (gear lvl2)
Coruscant Und.Police 1* (gear lvl2)

Dark Side
Count Dooku 3* (gear lvl5)
Talia 3* (gear lvl4)
Asajj Ventress 3* (gear lvl4)
IG-86 1* (gear lvl2)
Royal Guard 1* (gear lvl3)
Nightsister Initiate 1* (gear lvl3)
Nightsister Acolyte 1* (gear lvl2)
Snowtrooper 1* (gear lvl3)
Genosian Soldier 1* (gear lvl2)

Also should i focus on leveling abilities from Dooku or should I upgrade some other guys. Farming Sid from Arena and Old Daka from Cantina.



  • Anyone?
  • For now just go with the highest gear/star level chars I think. Later when you have more chars, may be look at your best leader skill char and build a team around him (provided that he can support most of you higher star chars). You need healers so you must keep these until u r strong enough to take down enemy fast.
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