PVP power ratings fixed

Looks like the newest update fixed PVP power ratings - now the guys ahead of me in Arena aren't, by and large, rated lower by 5,000 points or so :)


  • Was a bit of a shock to me too, and now I wonder how I was winning so easily so often.
  • I'd say that being able to control your team (focus fire, smart healing when necessary, etc) is a big enough advantage to overcome a fairly significant numerical power deficiency - in the mid 50s I can *usually* wipe out level 60 well-geared teams in Galactic War or Arena, and quite often it's because they randomly switch targets away from my lowest health hero or whatever at a critical moment while under AI control.

    But I'm glad they fixed up the numbers - it is still helpful, I think, having an accurate representation of just how much stronger the next guy is statwise.
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