Military Might: Empire [Video]

The Military Might event, Might of the Empire is live. It's been re-worked to account for the addition of mods to the game and to make the second tier more difficult.

If you had a Rebel squad that could take down the Emperor, you will likely have no problem with the first Tier. Hopefully you used the influx of credits that we all gained from this week's series of Credit Heists to improve your Rebel squad!

If you were unable to defeat the Emperor, hopefully you've got either CT-5555 "Fives" or other Clones on your squad who can fill out your squad. The first Tier was not easy, even with 5 geared, modded, and 7* characters. My Hoth Rebel Scout came close to dying. Arguably the easiest stage of the battle is the last, as long as you have Lando alive and well. His AoE works wonders to wipe out the Royal Guards before the Emperor gets his attacks off.

The Emperor's primary attack is a near guaranteed one-shot kill for any member of your team, but he's very slow, allowing your squad a good series of attacks prior to each of his own. Unfortunately you're going to get bombarded with enemy AoE attacks for the first few stages.

Hopefully you were able to finally complete the Military Might Event this time around! The 10 shards from the event achievement got me 43 shards out of 100 toward my 7* Darth Vader. I'm pretty stoked about that!
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