Tusken team

Just curious if anybody has ever seen or heard of a Tusken team that includes the three, raider, shaman and urrr. Looking at their stats and abilities there is a bit of potential, possibly with an anakin or old ben lead for fun ;) anybody able to try it?


  • Sadly, Tusken Shaman is still chromium so I don't have him, but the combination of Urorrur'r'r and Tusken Raider has proven good in raids.
  • Durrun
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    Shaman I heard was way underperforming and not really usable. This may have been before mods but his potency needs s lot of modding
  • BigBP
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    edited September 2016
    Tusken Shaman is only under performing because it's stats are bugged. So it really hasn't gotten the chance to shine.
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