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My GW win streak ended with the update. I've been close though and I think I can get back to winning going forward if I level up a few more characters and wanted to see what is my best strategy and who to level.

Here is who I currently have at my max level of 61. I guess this would be my 'A' team:
7* Sid, 6* Luminara, 5* JC, 4* Dooku, 4* Poe

I have Chewie at level 56 and the following at level 50:
4* Vader, 4* Luke, 4* Daka, 4* Talia, 4* Phasma, 3* Ahsoka

I have the following at various level from 30-45:
Jawa, Res. Trooper, FOST, FOTP, Gen Soldier, Res. Pilot
Royal Guard, URoRRuR'R'R, JK Guardian, Clone Seg., IG-86
Snowtrooper, CU Police,

Finally I have the following at level 1
Ewok Scout, Dathcha, Biggs, IG-100, Nightsister Initiate

Also, I will have the following in a couple days:
Kylo Ren, Ewok Elder

Do to limited resources I obviously can't level them all. I see two options:

Option 1: Promote the level 50s to 60 or as close as I can as these make up the remainder of my LS and DS teams. Not sure I have quite enough droids to do this but can work on it over the next few days. Is there anyone else from the lower levels I should also focus on?

Option 2: Promote numerous lower level toons to 50ish. If this is the case who should be the ones I focus on? Something with good synergy for a 'B' team?

Any advice appreciated, thanks!


  • Well I have a 6* luminara 5* Poe 4* Luke 4* Phasma 4* HK-47 4* Ventress 3* 4* Ig-86 all level 60 and I beat GW past 2 days. Last night they all wiped and had to bring in 3* Kylo 4* level 58 Tarkin 3* level 54 JC 2* level 54 FOTP and 3* level 54 Stormtrooper to finish last fight. This is why im farming xp card battles to level up guys. Just 8 runs I can usually tap out my higher levels ones to 60. Next is shards and equipment on those recently promoted.

    BTW I wish I could 7* all my level 60 toons to do this but not rich at all. Im just posting to let people know you can beat it with non 7* characters.
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  • Thanks Harmson, I actually ended up winning today. I just need to get used to trying new strategies I guess. I'll still level up a few more toons to make it more manageable. I hate to say it but I think I am actually starting to like it this way better.
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