Canon or not Canon?

Is this game part of the Star Wars Universe canon or just a not part of the story game? I'm just wondering as it's a really great game, and because it has HK-47 in it who is in my opinion, one of the best Star Wars Characters of all time.. Can an Developer of the game/EA member clarify this? As I'm pretty sure other fans of this game and of the Star Wars series as a whole are wondering this.


  • I read somewhere that this game is not Canon.. I will look for where I read this and post it here when I find it
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    ah, found it:
    The game allows players to collect characters, vehicles, and more from the prequel trilogy, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, the original trilogy, and beyond, and put those characters into battle.[1] Due to the nature of the game, it is not considered to be canon.
  • Wookiepedia doesn't count as its a fan wiki not one ran by Lucasfilm/ Star and what Pablo hidalgo said from the reference tweet is only an assumption as he said. I'm talking about an actual confirmation of it being canon from either Leland Che the holocron keeper guy or an EA dev/ member.
  • And even though Pablo Hidalgo is a Lucasfilm story group member he said "I wouldn't assume so" which meant it's only an assumption so it doesn't count.. The dictation if it's canon or not should only come as I said above, from the developers of this game or Leland Che
  • And it's still listed in the canon mobile games section and references, so the page and information are incorrect in saying it's not canon as it's based on an assumption by Pablo Hidalgo..
  • There are no cannons in star wars
  • It's pronounced canon as in it means part of the Star Wars story -_-
  • More of a bazooka than cannon
  • There's no story! It's just random characters fighting..
    I read Splinter of the Mind's Eye when I was a kid. Wish I knew where that book went.
  • Technically there is a story as your character levels up and gains more access to other holotables to become to best holo-Sabaac master while controlling characters from Galactic History as game pieces.
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    Well that's compelling. :|
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  • As long as we can't make Luke and Leia kiss, I'm sure it will fit fine in the Canon.
  • HK-47 is ToR=not canon
  • Ivinol... I'm saying he might be canon because he appears in this game.. And dont you think I know that he appeared in TOR
  • This game as in Galaxy of Heroes.. And maybe you should check the characters area of the game because he is in Galaxy of heroes..
  • Anyway can we please stick on topic about if this game is canon or not?
  • They claimed the game was based from all the movies and the clone wars tv series. But I guess there are some odd characters, like hk47. Most likely they were a devs favourite character so they were added
  • My guess is that since they added hk-47, those huge roster of character from LEGENDs like Darth Revan, and Malgus also will be added in time. I'm sure they were thinking long life span for this game, and to include new character every month or so to make the game fresh and not stale.
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    wow, Cassius_Rand1.. I just wanted to help, I'm not a Star Wars authority .. how was i to know you weren't going to accept the Wikia answer.. don't have to bite my head off, sheesh.

    if you are so bent on getting answers from "from the developers of this game or Leland Che" why don't you contact them directly instead of posting here on a public forum you Star Wars snob
  • I'm not trying to be rude or anything e.e and I'm not being a snob I was just giving a reply... :/ And we'll I'm asking what you guys think about it and what are your thoughts about it.. And plus this is a forum of this game so I'm pretty sure a developer will respond sometime. And I'm not trying to "bite off your head".... And I'm asking comments about this game as if it's part of the continuity So it is relevant on the games forum..
  • And it's pretty rude to call me a "Star Wars snob" when I was just giving a reply.. Which wasn't even rude... It was just to make a point and backup what I said, as those aren't legitimate sources..
  • And yea I know you are trying to help and I am glad that someone tried to help, by all my reply was about was just a reply and giving a reason why that isn't really valid. And I don't want to start a argument over this, so I'm sorry if I sounded like a "Star Wars snob"
  • This is all irrelevant really. Due to the nature of the game, and the fact that there is no real story, means there isn't anything TO consider canon (or not). It's basically a card game with 3D graphics to make it look pretty.
  • Yea but the Star Wars card trader game is considered canon and you just said that this game is a card game, so your point would kind of be unfounded.. Isn't the new canon weird lol? They can have a card trader game be canon which is kind of real life/ non canon ( it's the Topps app Star Wars card trading game to which I am referring to)
  • Also Battlefront has no story whatsoever as it's just a shooter game, but it is classified as canon.
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