Multiple Arena point mails

So, I imagine this is a bug that'll get patched immediately, as it benefits the player, but for the second time, I've gotten multiple emails giving me my arena rank payout.

A few days ago, I got two emails. Today, I got three. Each one had the 600 Arena Points I was supposed to get for being in the 500-200 bracket. I'm not COMPLAINING... but it might be considered exploiting if I don't mention it, and I'd rather not get banned.


  • Wow! Of all the bugs in the game, I really wish I had this one! :D

    But yeah, good idea to mention it to avoid getting accused of exploiting. o:)
  • You're lucky, Edannan, I had my finger over the BAN button....kidding of course :)

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention though, I'll bring this up with the team.
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  • Of all the bugs you were right this gets the most attention. Unreal. Talk about having your priorities out of order.
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