Help me decide of final team out of...

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I'm having trouble settling on a final team for arena and GW.. These are my top characters at 50..

Sidious, Kylo, Barriss Offee, Consular, Poe

Running slightly behind by a level or two are..

Talia, Asajj, CW Chewie, Phasma, Ahsoka, Mace, Guardian, Jawa,

At level 1 I have
Han Solo, Dathcha (Jawa)

Farming Lumi and/Phasma

I currently run Arenas with

Sidious (Leader), Poe, Consular, Kylo, Barriss

I do quite well with this setup but I wonder if I could have a better synergy?

I can't settle on a team for GW

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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