Rank 675 and happy

This may sound weird but 675 is as low as I have ever gotten. I have been playing mostly f2p. I have spent a few dollars but stopped. I have way too many characters but I stopped and focused and now my A team is poggle boba geo ig 86 and hoth rebel scout.


  • Maybe swap out the Hoth rebel for a healer like Lumi for example, seeing as how you're using IG-86 paired w/ Poggle and geo (which has decent synergy imo). And perhaps swap Boba from your A Team and throw in someone w/ taunt ability to help keep IG in the land of the living.
  • Abyss
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    Dump hoth scout in favor of someone like poe.
    I dont know what your options are but i wouod dump boba for someoen else too but thats a solid team if u can replace scout. Easily a top 100 team most likely of u keep em gear'd an star to 7*
  • hey man congrats :) Yeah Poe and a healer like Lumi would enhance your team.
  • I use Poe but he dies quickly. I was using lumi but I like the "no healer" strategy. I have lando but can't really upgrade him so as cool as he is he is falling by the wayside.
  • Strangely Lumi is categorized as an Attacker, that happens to heal. Which explains why her special hits like a truck.
  • I know she is really good as she levels up. I am sure she will be very useful. I do need to find a character that helps with critical chance and / or critical damage. But my Sid is brand new and way behind.

    And in the medium term a further good point about hoth scout - he has good speed features.
  • Just to add a random comment, that's a great number. It's the cc of my motorbike, Triumph Daytona 675 which won best motorbike by many world publication magazines etc multiple years.
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